Visiting the Library with Children During Level 2

As the country enters Alert Level 2 following a community outbreak of COVID-19 in Auckland, it is a good opportunity to remind children that things are going to be a little different when you visit the library until the current level is lifted. All of our libraries are open at the moment, but with capacity restrictions and a few other changes — here’s what you might notice:

  • People scanning QR codes as they enter, and a librarian or security guard taking people’s details. Because we have to be careful about how many people can be in the library at once, we have to tick you off and take your details as you come in. Sometimes this will mean you’ll need to wait a little while to get in — don’t worry, everything we’re doing is to try to keep you and your family safe. To make things a little faster, make sure your family has the COVID-19 app downloaded so you can scan in rather than having to sign in!
  • People keeping far apart. When you’re in the library, you’ll see people trying to keep 2m apart as they make their way through the building picking up books. Please remember to keep inside your bubble at all times, and be patient if you need to wait for someone to leave a shelf before you can leap in and grab the book you want!
  • Lots of hand sanitiser! We’re providing a whole bunch of hand sanitiser so everyone can keep clean and safe. Remember, washing your hands often is the best way to kill germs, so make sure you remember to sanitise your hands after touching your face, and before you enter or leave the library.
  • No comfy chairs to sit and read in. We want you to keep your visit as short as possible — pop in, grab your books, and head back home so the next person can enter the library. We know it’s very tempting to find somewhere cosy at the library to curl up and read a book, but while we’re at Alert Level 2, please remember to save the reading for when you get home.
  • No storytimes or other library activities. During Level 2 of the lockdown, we won’t be able to run any of our regular programmes and activities, like Preschool Storytime, Baby Rock and Rhyme, Let’s Go LEGO, Code Club, or CRAFTerschool in person at the library. If you’re looking for that storytime fix, you can check out our playlists on Facebook — we have Preschool Storytimes, Bedtime Stories, Baby Rock and Rhyme and fun craft videos, as well as our popular Family Lockdown Challenge blog posts to keep you virtually entertained.
  • No big family groups. We have to limit the number of people who can be in the library at one time. If you can, look at the library catalogue online, decide what you want, reserve it if you’d like, and send one person from your bubble to the library to collect it. That might not always be possible, which is fine, but just remember to stick inside your bubble if you are visiting the library in a group.

Keep well, stay safe, and don’t stop reading! 🙂