Old Hu-Hu by Churton Park school

Everyone is sad when Old Hu-Hu dies, but little Hu-Hu-Tu is the saddest of all. Sad and confused. Where has Old Hu-Hu gone? Why isn’t he here? Hu-Hu-Tu asks his friends, but their answers are strange and confusing.  Hu-Hu-Tu is alone and inconsolable. But as the sun dawns on a new day, Hu-Hu-Tu reaches an understanding about Old Hu-Hu’s death. Hu-Hu-Tu realises he must live life to the fullest, just as Old-Hu-Hu would have wanted him to do.

Right now you can find Hu-Hu-Tu  all set for  a new adventure at Johnsonville Library. He has been crafted by students at Churton Park school. Check out Hu-Hu’s enormous eyes and long antennae , he looks just as though he has stepped out of the book – but in giant size!

by Fiona Markwell

Image courtesy of SyndeticsOld Hu-Hu