New Asterix Comic!

After 8 years, a brand new Asterix comic has been written -Cool!

It’s called ‘Asterix and the Picts‘ and  is about Asterix and his sidekick Obelix and their adventures in Scotland with the ancient Scots, called ‘Picts’. The Romans named these ancient Scots ‘Picts’, which literally means ‘painted faces’, because they always had paint on their faces.

Will Asterix and Obelix learn the bag pipes, and solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster…? You’ll have to get your hands on the book to find out.

This book is so new that it’s not on our shelves yet. But you can reserve it here, so that you’ll get it when it arrives.


While you’re waiting, check out the official Asterix Website or watch some cool Asterix vids on YouTube.