Librarian in the spotlight: Florence

Find out about your local librarians!

What is your name? Florence

Which library(s) do you work at? Miramar and Kilbirnie Libraries

What’s the best thing about being a librarian? Being silly when I do story time, giving recommendations about books that have moved me, decorating the Library and making it look beautiful.

Favourite book? I will have to change the question, as I absolutely can’t answer it because I love so many books. So I might just share with you some of my favourite kids’ English-speaking authors: Roald Dahl, Chris Van Allsburg, Oliver Jeffers, Raymond Briggs, Maurice Sendack, Margaret Mahy… All those who have a delirious imagination!

When I read I like to….? Lie in a comfortable position and forget everything around me.

If you wrote a book, what would it be about? Maybe something about etiological legends or myths – I love stories that explain the world around us using Fiction.

If I wasn’t a librarian, I would be a …? An art museum Kids activity creator. I feel like my mission on earth is to understand kids’ brains and create fun games and activities to make them enjoy their learning.

 Favourite food? I love discovering new dishes… So any food from all around the world, but prepared with love, and natural ingredients (organic even better).

Favourite place in the world? Anywhere in the world close to the sea, with beautiful landscapes, a busy cultural life and a lovely society! I love Wellington for all these reasons…

My dream library would have…? Lots of customers reading books or eBooks forgetting they are in the library, lots of programmes with passionate librarians sharing their love about books, lots of events creating links by using the skills of the community. We would host some exhibitions about an author where the kids would be able to play and experience for real what comes from the author’s imagination. It would be a place full of life and creativity!