Karori BookSeekers in April

Karori BookSeekers

In April we reviewed the animal stories we had read and took out fantasy books for next months meeting.  For our game we began some fantasy stories with animals in them.  The first line had been given to us and then it was all our own imagination!  Here are a few of our stories:

  • Wow! A 3 three-toed sloth hanging from the branch of a … fig tree, but it was not an ordinary tree. It was a castle and then the thing vanished. (Theo)


  • I could see the weeping crocodile out of the corner of my eye … It was the ugliest, most beastly thing I had ever seen in my life. I wondered if I could go deep enough to swim under it. Suddenly out of nowhere, another one appeared right in front of me and opened its ghastly mouth to bite me and … SLASH! I moved out of the way just in time but at the same time that also blew my cover. Now the other one had seen me and was after me! (Visaanth)


  • As I poked my head through the earth, all I could see was a large foot above me … that looked almost as big as one of the giant rats in the sewers of Orion. I could hear growling; Animal growling. The black cheetah, for it soon became apparent that that was what it was. It moved and its foot and I discovered it was only my pet black winged cheetah trying to get me out of the hole. I got out and climbed onto him and we flew away towards the black jungle. When we landed we trekked for an hour and then entered the gates of Orion. A giant rat squeaked and tried to bite my leg but I dodged nimbly aside and it crashed into the city wall. Suddenly I was surrounded by a circle of archers. In ten seconds, five volleys had been fired. Suddenly a hole opened in the ground below and I fell down to the depths of the sewer… (Andrew)


  • The creature’s little ferrety nose twitched as it stared at me … I picked up the mouse then suddenly the world grew bigger! The suddenly I was the size of the mouse!  “What! How did that happen?” I asked the mouse. “I want you to follow me” replied the mouse. “What! You spoke!” I screeched. “Just follow me” said the mouse calmly. “Oh” I replied. So off I went after the mouse. It took me to an underground hollow where it opened up into a village of talking mice. “You have arrived” greeted the mice. “Uh I don’t know for what?” I replied uneasily. “From the evil cat” answered the mice. “A cat!  Easy. I’ll do it” I replied confidently and off I went to catch the cat. Up a mountain I climbed to a big castle with a big rusty gate. In I went. I found Claws, but he had magic powers and he knocked me aside. Then just as he was about to kill me, lightening shot out of my hands, right into Claws, destroying him. I had won. I went back to the mouse village and I was greeted by cheers. I was a hero. I had saved the mouse village or had I… (Megan)


  • As if from nowhere, a small creature appeared at the cabin door, holding a … lolly pop. He winked his tiny eyes at me. In an instant we were gone. I slapped myself in the head, wondering if I could have imagined the whole thing. The next day it hit me, it all must be magik. Magik of a sort so rare, that it had never been recorded in this world before. I’m smart. Too smart to know that things like this don’t happen by accident. They happen for a reason. And I will search for the reason as long as it takes, which ever paths it will lead me and whatever dooms shall befall me. I am smart, so I’ll survive! (Amy)


  • The day my doormouse packed his bag and left home … I felt really happy. He left me a note saying “I’m running away” but it was in invisible ink so I couldn’t read it. I couldn’t sleep. All I thought about was Fred. I felt sad for him. I got out of bed and tried to look for him; then mum saw me and pinched me. Then it hit me, it was only a stupid old dream! (Josh)

And here are some of the books we read: