Johnsonville Bookseekers

It was the last session for the Johnsonville Bookseekers this month but we had a great time looking at our new Kids On-line Book Club.  If you write and submit your reviews on our On-line Review page you can earn points towards winning prizes.  We have had lots of kid’s submit reviews already and as well as writing your own reviews you can comment on what other kids have been reading.

Thanks for all the reviews that you shared with us today and it will be great to see you write them up and to start earning prizes – so what are you waiting for – get writing!


Tawa Bookseekers

Thanks for all your great reviews Tawa Bookseekers. You have been reading some awesome books lately and we look forward to seeing you write these up on our new Kids On-line Book Club.  By submitting your reviews on our Book Club Review page you can earn yourself points towards winning some prizes. You only have to do two reviews to earn your first prize.

It was great to see one of our Bookseekers had already submitted two reviews. We enjoyed looking at these – so well done Conor, you did a great job and you will receive your first prize soon.

Remember that this is the last time that we will be meeting in the library but we look forward to catching up with what you have been reading through the club.



Tawa Library Bookseeker reviews

Here is what Tawa Bookseekers have been reading in the past month.

 Nicholas has been reading The Witches by Roald Dahl. This is a story about all the witches in England gathering together for a big conference. They want to rid the whole world of children. Nicholas thought this was an awesome book and he said that it has helped him with his reading. He gave the book 10 out of 10.


Matthew has been reading The adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey.  He said that he has been reading the 3rd in the series and that this book is very funny. There are some aliens that come to earth and the principal of the school asks Captain Underpants to save the word. Matthew thinks this book is best for boys.


Gabriella has been reading Danny, the champion of the world. Danny loves his dad but he discovers that his dad has a deep, dark secret. He likes to poach pheasants and one night he gets into a lot of trouble and Danny has to save him. Gabriella likes the bit were they put sleeping potion into some raisins to feed to the pheasant and it makes them all fall out of the trees. She thinks this book is good for both boys and girls.


Liam has been reading Just Shocking by Andy Griffiths. This book has a collection of short stories. Liam said that the stories are really funny and he would recommend this book to all his friends.

Tawa Library Bookseekers

We had a very mysteriously filled time at the Tawa Bookseekers this month as we looked at our theme for the month which was mysteries, while we also enjoying having our mid-year party.

We looked at the book The Jewel Fish of Karnak by Graeme Base which has a very puzzling mystery that you have to solve by looking for the clues throughout the book. If you are finding it a bit tricky you can go online to get clues to help you solve the mystery.

We also had some fun mystery word pictures to solve and then we were all blindfolded and had to work out some strange mystery objects by touch. With the great reviews and yummy food we all had a great time.

BookSeekers next week

The wait is almost over! BookSeekers, our fun free club for 9-12 year olds, is on next week.

Head on over to your nearest BookSeekers club meeting to join in with all the fun. We’ll be celebrating your reading successes this month with prizes and nibbles, games and great activities. Here’s when:

Tuesday 10th July at 4pm: Brooklyn and Karori Libraries

Wednesday 11th July at 4pm: Tawa Library

Thursday 12th July at 4pm: Johnsonville and Kilbirnie Libraries

Don’t miss out!

Karori BookSeekers June meeting

June 1We had an imaginative meeting that started with creating our own Islands of Adventure. Some interesting ideas were drawn on our islands, ranging from rivers of pineapple juice, castles of love, horror caves that eat you, to chocolate mountains! I ended up in Amy’s Castle of Love because I looked at my watch at the wrong time!June 4

June 3

Reviews followed this and below are some of the books recommended by the group. Others to look at are: Inkheart ; Holes ; Throne of fire ; Locke and Key ; and the Cherub series (which Sam has just read for the 3rd time).Next month we will be looking at Graphic novels.


Come along to our next meeting at 4pm on Tuesday 10th July at Karori Library. See you there!

BookSeekers- June meetings coming soon



Calling all booklovers! BookSeekers, a monthly bookclub for 9-12 year olds, is on next week at a library near you. Here’s where and when:

Tuesday 12 June at 4pm: Brooklyn and Karori Libraries

Wednesday 13 June at 4pm: Tawa Library

Thursday 14 June at 4pm: Johnsonville and Kilbirnie Libraries

It’s free, its fun, just turn up and be prepared to share your love of books

May Kilbirnie BookSeekers

Kia Ora Koutou BookSeekers!

We had a Mysterious May session this month! We welcomed Lydia as a new member and had a great time with the whole BookSeekers group.

BookSeekers detectives spied our Libraries’ KIDS website and solved the enigmas of a secret quiz!

We looked at Mystery themed books in our libraries. We discussed the Mystery genre : What do Mystery books have in common? How can we guess from the cover whether it is a mystery book? Then each of us picked up 3 cards from the Cluedo game : a character, a weapon and a place of murder and we invented a Mystery story. It was a wonderfully creative and inspirational moment.

BookSeekers reviewed some Mystery books too : Tess gave 10 Stars out of 10 for The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill; David gave 4 Stars out of 5 for The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan David and Alexandra gave 9 stars out of 10 for The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. They recommended their books for kids who like Mysteries and explained they were good books because each page surprises the reader about what is happening.

BookSeekers’ theme next month will be books about art. Children’s picture books and sophisticated picture books sometimes challenge your thinking changing an original painting and including it in a story. We are sure you will enjoy discovering how much fun it is! Don’t miss it! Our next meeting is June 14th, 2012 4 -5pm Kilbirnie Library.

Ka Kite BookSeekers!


May Johnsonville BookSeekers

We celebrated New Zealand Sign Language at our BookSeekers meeting this month – so much fun!

We were very lucky to have Erich from the New Zealand Deaf Association come along to teach us some simple sign language that we can use everyday.

Besides learning some basic signs like hello, thank-you, what and where, we also learnt to finger spell our own names. If you would like to learn how to finger spell check out the NZ Deaf Association for some great instructions.

We finished up with a game of hang-man but with a difference. We had to finger spell our letters so there was no talking. I pretty hard task at times but we had a lot of fun trying.

Check out our photos.







Come along to our next meeting: Thursday 14th June at 4pm.

Karori BookSeekers May 2012

Karori BookSeekers
                                      Karori BookSeekers                
BookSeekers news: last month we were sad to say goodbye to Zoe my co-presenter but the first item on the agenda this month was to welcome our new presenter, Vanessa. We also welcomed back one of our number, Heather who has amazing pins sticking out of her left arm. Hope it’s better soon Heather!
This month we had 18 BookSeekers at the meeting.  We had fun creating some very cool new mythical creatures in our first game.  Look out for the Rabeepua, the Zettephant, the Kigleep and the Crocphantos!
 The kids also managed to name most of the mythical creatures in our guessing game, although some didn’t know what a Faun looked like.
It is always sad to see members move on and this month we farewelled one of our oldest members, Rachel, who is now at college. We will miss her witty reviews and enthusiasm.
Reviews of fantasy books were great with some wanting to talk about more than one.  Here are links to some of the awesome books we reviewed this month – check them out!
Next meeting: June 12th at 4pm. See you there!