Kids’ Club Review by Anahera: Pilot & Huxley and the holiday portal

Pilot & Huxley and the holiday portalPilot & Huxley and the holiday portal, by Dan McGuiness

I like this book. It is a great story that can only be explained through a comic because of how imaginative it is. I managed to work out before they did that santa claus would be evil but it was a great plot nonetheless. I reread this book tons. my favorite bit is where they go to the Halloween place and take on that zombie because if they return to earth with the zombie girl she will turn against them because of the opposite worlds so i cant wait to get the third book. i recommend this book to people wit a good imagination

4 stars

Reviewed by Anahera from Johnsonville, 11 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Isabelle: Zita the Spacegirl. Book one, Far from home

Zita the Spacegirl. Book one, Far from homeZita the Spacegirl. Book one, Far from home, by Hatke, Ben.

Zita finds a portal and get stuck in a different world. Her friend Joseph gets kidnapped by a Screed who gives Joseph to the Scriptorians who thinks Joseph can save the world from a meteoroid just 3 days away.
Can Zita find Joseph and rescue him before the meteoroid crashes or even better, save Joseph and get back to earth?

4 stars

Reviewed by Isabelle, 10 years old

Karori BookSeekers

We had a great time with a visit from our friend Monty who showed us a selection of graphic novels and junior comics. We are getting a lot more of these in the collection and it was fun to see so many different styles. Black and white, no words, full page illustrations, panel illustrations, true stories and super heroes, were just some to flick through.

We also played charades, reviewed the historical books that we had read over the last month and had a little party for our mid year – the chippies went pretty quickly!

Here’s a selection of some of the comics we recommend: