Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

KISS KISS! on the right cheek, KISS KISS! on the left cheek…. YUCK! YUCK! cries Andy who just can’t escape Auntie Elsie’s sloppy kisses fast enough. Andy hides from Aunty Elsie in the most ingenious places, but Aunty Elsie always finds him, and delivers another two fat, sloppy smooches every time.

But one day, Auntie Elsie doesn’t visit. Andy realizes that perhaps the sloppy smackers weren’t quite so bad after all…

Come and see Newtown School’s brilliant 3D sculpture of Andy and Auntie Elsie at Miramar Library, where it will be on display until August 21st. They are part of Wellington City Libraries “Books Go Arty With Kyle Mewburn” children’s sculpture exhibition. The amazing Newtown School sculptors have smothered Andy and Auntie Elsie in bright red sloppy kisses. They have used papier mache, cardboard tubes, bamboo garden sticks and many more to show the warm and special relationship between the two.

by Fiona Markwell

  kiss kiss yuck yuck