Kids’ Choice for May

Hey, we received tons of Kids’ Choice reviews this month. Keep them coming in. You can enter your choice online or pick up a Kids’ Choice form from your local library.

Here are this month’s Kids Choice winners.

Raiders’ Ransom also called Reavers’ Ransom by Emily Diamand.  Same book; two different tiles. (Reaver is an old English word meaning meaning raider or robber)

Set in the 23rd Century when most of Britain has been flooded, and people live a life like back in the Viking era. The bloodthirsty Reavers (or Raiders, depending on which title you read) come and kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter, from Thirteen year old Lilly Melkun’s village.

Lilly decides to free the child. Off she sails in secret with a ransom – an ancient jewel. Along the way she befriends Zeph, son of the Chief Reaver (or Raider.) Together they try to unravel the secrets behind both the kidnapping and the ransom.

Whether you like history or sci-fi, if you like adventure you will enjoy this rollicking yarn.

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo ; illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

Edward Tulane, a cold-hearted china rabbit, loves only himself until one day he is lost overboard during a sea voyage. There follows his miraculous journey. He travels across the country, through several owners, losing all his finery, but he discovers so much more. A beautiful story with universal themes.

Just tricking by Andy Griffiths; illustrated by Terry Denton

Is this the right book for you?

Take the TRICKING TEST and find out.

  1. Do you ever pretend that you are dead to get out of going to school?
  2. Do you like to ring up people you know and pretend to be someone else?
  3. Do you leave banana skins in the middle of busy footpaths?
  4. Do you own any of the following items: fake dog poo, rubber vomit, gorilla suit?
  5. Do you wish that every day could be April Fools’ Day?

SCORE: One point for each ‘yes’ answer.

3-5 You are a practical joking genius.

You will love this book.

1-2 You are a good practical joker.

You will love this book.

0 You are not a practical joker.

You are what practical jokers call a `victim’.

You will love this book.

(from the publisher)

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

One of the most popular books of the last decade, and still in the top 10 most borrowed books in libraries all round the world. This book has all the right stuff.

12 year old James Choke is the latest CHERUB recruit. James has been in a lot of trouble, but he is a maths genius, and CHERUB needs him.

The CHERUB kids are normal everyday spies. Trained professionals who just happen to be kids able to use their talents, and some pretty cool gadgets, to foil terrorists, and save the country.

Of course for official purposes; these children do not exist.

You’ll want to read the whole  CHERUB series

Dear dumb diary, never underestimate your dumbness by Jim Benton

The wedding Dear Dumb Diary readers have been anxiously anticipating is about to become a reality: Jamie’s aunt and Angeline’s uncle joined together until death do they part — or until the divorce Jamie has been feverishly wishing for since they started dating finally happens. Now, three of Jamie’s most dreaded nightmares are about to be combined into one unbearable event:

  • Very VERY poofy brown dresses
  • Wedding clogs
  • A lifetime of being related to Angeline, a.k.a. Blondewad

Jamie has just one word for this kind of horror:


(From the publisher)

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