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August 2008

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  • Simon, Subtext, Subtext Quiz

    The final SubText08 Quiz …

    25.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on The final SubText08 Quiz …

    … is all ready to go. You will find it here. It’s not so difficult as some of the other quizzes; it will be a walk in the park if you search for the answers online.

    This is the final week of SubText, and if you’ve not done all the other quizzes it is not too late. Every completed quiz increases your chance to win. (Unless you’re not registered in SubText. Ha ha.)

    Edit: The winner of last week’s draw is Rosemary! Congratulations on your sparkling, new $40 book voucher.

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    Week Six Theme: DVDs

    23.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Week Six Theme: DVDs

    subtext logoHello out there. You’ll be pleased to know that the theme for the final week of SubText 08 is DVDs. Nice and easy.

    So, this means you get not one but two entries into the weekly draw (and the final draw for the iPod) if you send us a review of a DVD you’ve watched recently from the library’s collection. This week is your last chance to enter (before 12pm Friday 29 August), so don’t forget!

    We will also have the weekly SubText quiz* ready for you to do on Monday (doing that (and getting it 100% right) will also give you a chance to win), so brush up on your movie general knowledge.


    * Next month we’ll publish all the answers, so trivial mysteries will be revealed in due course.

  • Books, Grimm, Subtext Review

    Review of the week 2

    23.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Review of the week 2

    Briar Rose
    Jane Yolen

    Does everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty? Of the forest of thorns? Of the handsome prince? Of the evil witch who eventually gets what’s coming to her? Well, forget that one! This one is the true version. Rebecca, known as Becca to her family, travels to Europe to find out about her grandmother’s missing past. All she has to go on is a couple of old pictures, the word ‘Kulmhof’ and a old fairy story Gemma would tell her grandchildren at bedtime.

    This is a story of the Holocaust, a search through the past to find a princess, a castle, and the truth.

    Okay, so this all sounds poetically gooey but it was a nice soppy tale. Beautifully written with descriptions of scrum-diddlily-umptious food. To put it mildly.

    Definitely wait until you’re fifteen or older before reading this. It’s a gorgeously romantic story whioch probably won’t appeal to the male reader but what the heck! (And the introduction’s pretty good too!!!)

    ~ Rosemary (16)

  • Books, Grimm, Subtext Review

    Review of the week 1

    23.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Review of the week 1

    Stop Pretending: What happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy
    Sonya Sones

    Inspired by events in the author’s life, Stop Pretending: What happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy is a touching compilation of poems. The poems are in chronological order, and the book is intended to be read cover to cover.

    Although truthful and touching, the poems lack the obscure charm of individual pieces. That aside, Stop Pretending is brilliant, to the point, and it makes you think.

    ~ Mereana (14)

  • Simon, Subtext, Subtext Events

    Subtext News

    22.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Subtext News

    Tonight is the penultimate SubText08 event! It will be at the Kilbirnie library, and begins at 6pm. Details can be found here. There is only one more week to go, so get in your reviews and quiz answers.

    Unfortunately, due to illness, the next quiz (and theme) won’t be ready until next Monday. Which is okay as that’s when the next draw will be announced anyway! Sorry about that.

  • Internet, Simon, Sport

    The Rise and Fall of Olympic Branding

    22.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on The Rise and Fall of Olympic Branding

    ColourLovers is a very nice blog about design. They have created a history of modern Olympic design, beginning with the 1896 games in Athens and ending with the proposed (and controversial) design for the 2012 games in London. I like the trivia noted next to each design. Did you know that one of the gymnasts at the 1904 Olympics won six medals – with a wooden leg? Or that in 1912 a wrestling match lasted 11 hours?!

    It makes no mention of the mascots created for each Olympics, unfortunately.

  • DVDs, New, Simon

    New Digital Versatile Discs

    19.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Digital Versatile Discs

    There are only a few new DVDs in this time. Here they are!

    National Treasure : The Treasure Hunter’s Collection – This DVD has both National Treasure and National Treasure 2, which is pretty good value considering it costs 50¢ for a young adult. The films are fairly good adventure films, and perfect for a rainy afternoon.

    Power Rangers, Mystic Force : Dark Wish – Power Rangers is adapted from a Japanese franchise; Mystic Force is uses the 29th series. English-speaking actors (many are NZers) are spliced in with footage from the original. This DVD is a full movie.

    Kurt Cobain : About a Son – This documentary is made up of previously-unheard interviews with the singer. Probably quite depressing, all things considered.

    Dragonlance : Dragons of Autumn Twilight – A full-length animated film set in the Dungeons & Dragon world, featuring the voice talents of Lucy Lawless, and Kiefer Sutherland. It was poorly received by critics.

    The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – Twins Zack and Cody live with their mother in a swanky Boston hotel (for she is a lounge singer there). They get up to all kinds of mischief in this inoffensive comedy that is perhaps more for younger viewers. If you like this you will go ballistic for …

    That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana – This is a ‘mash-up’ of three programme: The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and That’s So Raven.

  • Simon, Subtext, Subtext Events

    Subtext News

    18.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Subtext News

    The fourth SubText08 draw was done by the delightful Andrea, and the winner was … Jess! Who also won last week, so double congratulations to you.

    Newtown’s Teen Idol 2 went off really well on Friday night – the crowd was small to begin with but grew into quite a crowd fairly quickly. Prizes were dished out and pizza (the official food of SubText08) devoured. The most popular song of the night was So Sick by ‘occasional rapper’, Ne-Yo.

    Interesting facts:
    1. Ne-Yo’s real name is Shaffer Smith
    2. Newtown was named by an earlier hotelier who hoped a new town would grow up around his hotel.
    3. Here is an old postcard depicting the Newtown Library.

  • Simon, Subtext, Subtext Quiz

    Week Five Theme: Non-Fiction

    15.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Week Five Theme: Non-Fiction

    The theme for next week is non-fiction, which includes biography, poetry and plays. Any reviews received that are for a non-fiction book will earn a bonus chance to win!

    The quiz is also ready to go – you may find it here. Some of the questions are quite challenging, and you will need to look up some of the answers (try Google, or Wikipedia). Completing the quiz will earn you one chance to win; getting 100% will get you two chances to win. 

    Good luck!

    (This week’s draw will be done on Monday, as those who go to tonight’s event at Newtown will also be in the running to win.)

  • Books, Grimm, Subtext Review

    Review of the Week 3

    15.08.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Review of the Week 3

    The Kite Rider
    Geraldine McCaughrean


    I had never read a book like The Kite Rider before. The Kite Rider was about a boy called Haoyou, who lived in Ancient China, whose father had been killed testing the winds on a kite. His father was killed for a reason, though it does not seem like somebody planned his death. He is killed by his father’s workmate, Di Chou. Di Chou wanted to marry Haoyou’s mother, but Haoyou’s mother didn’t want to because Di Chou was a selfish monster who had no feelings! While Haoyou’s mother pondered the idea of getting married again, Haoyou started making kites, so he could sell them to support his family. But Di Chou burned Haoyou’s house down, in an attempt to ruin Haoyou’s business. This meant that Di Chou would have to marry Haoyou’s mother, so their family had some support.

    One day, Haoyou flew a kite and rode it with his cousin Mipeng. He and Mipeng were discovered by Miao, a circus director, and Haoyou was paid brilliantly for riding kites at circus shows and Mipeng was paid well for telling the future. He had never seen so much money in his life, but working at the circus brings Haoyou lots of troubles!

    Though you had to concentrate, and read everything carefully, so that you actually understood what was going on, The Kite Rider was a fabulous book of a young Chinese boy trying to do something with his life. I would recommend this to people who like kites, are daredevils, and are thinking about riding a kite, or people who like to accept life and seize opportunites.

    ~ Davina (15)

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