Manga (漫画 or マンガ or まんが) are pocket-sized comics normally originating from Japan. They are usually printed in black-and-white, and read right-to-left, a feature which probably dates back to manga’s origins in 12th-century story scrolls. Manga cover a huge variety of genres, and are normally targeted at specific demographics, the most common being shōnen (younger male teens), shōjo (younger female teens), seinen (older male teens and young adults) and josei (older female teens and young adults).

But why limit yourself? There are great stories to be found in manga of all types: on this page is a list of all of the manga titles WCL currently holds. Sometimes, due to books being damaged or lost, you might find a series is missing one or more titles. If you notice this, make sure you let us know! Sometimes it can be hard to find replacements, but we always do our best!

Last updated: April 2024

Shōjo (少女漫画)

Shōnen (少年漫画)

Josei (女性漫画)

Seinen (青年漫画)

Other and Alternative Manga