Wellington City Libraries has an ever-expanding Young Adult collection of books, magazines, DVDs, and graphic novels.  We’re here to encourage teens to use our services for fun, to create and to learn. Teen Blog is here to keep everyone up-to-date with our collection and what’s new and interesting in Wellington and the rest of the world.

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Who writes this ode to Web 2.0? No one has asked, but some may wonder. Here are the contributors in alphabetical order (and in haiku). And their favourite book!

I had to write a
haiku, this is the result.
Let’s all blame Stephen.

Edna Welthorpe
Thanks to the Teen Blog
Grumpy Edna has increased
her Google hit count.

Grimm likes making lists
about almost anything.
It’s quite sad really.

A lifelong dancer
Will dance to beat of own drum
Untamed dancing queen.

Library Serf
Poor old Serfy must
write posts about dull subjects –
but someone has to.

Inscrutable, yet
easily scruted when I
am tangled in yarn.

Ms B. Spinach
Aspires to paint a
mural, but so far just makes
tiny paper planes.

squid and sword enthusiast,
arbiter of style.

Moonlight falls softly
upon a nerd; he sleeps, eats,
but mostly he sleeps.

You don’t win friends with
salad. You don’t win friends with
salad. You don’t win…