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Review New Moon for us! There’s another poster in it

Exams? What exams?

As with the lovely Taylor Lautner posters, we’ve got another New Moon movie poster that we thought we’d give to the first person who tells us what they thought of New Moon (which we think some of you might have seen already). As usual, the catch is you have to review it in haiku form (explanation here again). Eligible only for WCL YA cardholders. Please add your full name [we won’t publish it]. The poster has folds in it again (sorry).

I suppose the other catch for me is I should provide an example review haiku thing, so here goes:

The movie begins…
Love, tragedy, danger, then-
“Put the shirt back on!”


So many new books. so many


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  1. Charlotte

    Since nobody else is reviewing…

    New Moon: better than
    Twilight in every way; best
    of all, no Edward!

  2. Serf

    Done! Will send it. I agree.

  3. Rose

    Wait I’ve nt got a YA card yet but am at that age oh well will try anyway

    Twighters reunite
    Edwards gone and bellas a fright
    jacobs gonna save the day

    do you email us to say or…..

  4. well its an awesome movie.
    Bella goes through a really tough time and as edward (Robert Patterson) leaves her and then her best friend jacob (Taylor Launtner) helps her find light again.
    It includes werewlfs , and Vampires!
    that fight and the end bella and edward get together again and edward proposes to her!

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