Black and white photograph, lines of tables and bookcases lining the walls. Someone at a table is lit up by light coming through a window, behind them are two blurry figures

Do you believe in ghosts? The paranormal? A place being haunted? Don’t answer – I can’t hear you and it doesn’t really matter. Everyone will agree that some places just have a haunted vibe, and that’s what counts.  Wellington has a lot of history, and a turbulent past brings with it a lot of ghosts, figurative or otherwise.

So here are the top 5 haunted (with vibes) locations in Wellington (that you can go to):

  1. Ewart Hospital Nurses’ Home (Former) – you will note the ‘former’ in brackets, as it’s no longer home to anything but decay. The haunted vibe here is extreme – James Gilberd, from the Strange Occurrences Society, says it has the most haunted feel of any place they’ve investigate.
  2. Truby King Park – Sir Truby and Lady King built their home here in the 1920s and now it is a public park. Not many gardens come with a mausoleum, and the plants from a century ago are still flowering. Time marches on, but not for the Truby Kings, who rest there still.
  3. Bolton Street Cemetery ki Paekākā & Karori Cemetery – well, obviously
  4. Click on this link to a photo on Wellington RECOLLECT – What if someone sent you a link to a creepy picture on a website and you had to share it within a week or else misfortune will strike? How about that?
  5. Te Awe Library on Brandon Street – on one hand, Te Awe Library doesn’t feel haunted. BUT trust me, it is, and there is going to be an official ghost investigation as part of this years’ Lōemis to find out!

There you go. If any of these grabbed your fancy you may be interested in Wellington City Library’s next addition to the collection; Ghost Investigation Kits. (Readers of this blog are the first to know!)
Black and white photograph of a weatherboard house. A burred shape appears in the lower left hand side.