Ah procrastination, our greatest friend and fiercest enemy. In case you didn’t know September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day, where your procrastination gains tangible form and beats you up.

Wait, gimme a second.


Okay so apparently Fight Procrastination Day is a day where we try to not procrastinate, to do those things we’ve been putting off. I know, I know, it sounds like fantasy, but I have heard from reputable sources that it’s possible.



Now we-

To celebrate???

Man I have no idea where to take this…


I have time

I’ll do it later





Oh look at the time, bright and early…. November!?

Wow, I really let my time go. But I put all this effort into… finding a funny holiday? No no, this is fine, we can save this. November, November, what’s in November. Oh yeah! Exams. That totally works.

Now I just have to write something helpful for study…

You know what? Why fix what isn’t broken. Fellow Teen Blogger Alayne already wrote a brilliant study guide for dealing with the looming exams. So like, read that.

Study Hacks to Avoid NCEA Panic Attacks – Teen Blog (wcl.govt.nz)

No it’s not plagiarism, I’m just sending you to where the information is.

The fact I may or may not have run out of time is completely irrelevant.

The book of big excuses / Turner, Tracey
“Need to weasel your way out of blame? Or explain some strange behaviour? This is the book for you – for every type of situation, here are excuses from the historical to the hysterical.” (Catalogue)


Oh *&@$! I gotta turn in the blog. Guess I’ll just keep my notes to self in. Content right?