Tuesday trailers! Like Hollywood but at home via your public library. And only for a few minutes.

Firstly here is some good (?) news – Fraggle Rock is to be turned into a movie! “Get your cares away!” “The trashheap has spoken!” That’s what you will be saying in a few years, probably.

A new trailer is out for for Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which seems to have action oozing from every pore.


The Lorax is a film based on the Dr. Suess book (for children, obviously). Until we saw the trailer we didn’t have much hope for this film here at Teen Blog Laboratories, but it actually seems very funny! And nice to look at. And that’s what you want in a film.

Here’s a new featurette for the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn. Talking about the wedding or something?

And finally ParaNorman, about a boy who sees dead things? I am not sure what is going on! It is a teaser trailer.

-~~ T H E    E N D ~~-