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It’s nearly the end of the year and in the blogosphere that can only mean it’s nearly time for year end lists, favourite books, movies, Kanye West outbursts, pretty much everything will be ordered from one to ten. 

I’ll be counting down the top ten YA CDs of the year in a week or two and I’d love to have some contributions from you all. Send in a review of your album of the year, or even just a list of your favourites, results will be tabulated and a list produced. When the post goes up the best reviews will be included so you can print it out, stick it on the fridge and say “Me, I’m famous. I contributed to a stupidly pseudonymed blogger’s slightly meaningless year end list. What did you do this year, huh?” and all your friends will say “Damn ______ is totes for the win and they also have really awesome taste in music.” So get to it!

The cut off date for submissions will be Monday the 28th of December at midnight.


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  1. Violet B

    Here are my favourites. They are in no particular order! They are all equally good.

    Fame by Lady Gaga
    The Glee soundtrack
    maybe the new Lady Gaga one as it has Bad Romance on it?
    I am Sasha Fierce (of course!!!)

    and some others, but you know, i could go on and on

  2. Jack

    Thanks Violet! Wonder how many other Lady Gaga fans we’ll get? She’s been very popular this year…

  3. ooooh,
    my favourites would be
    2 . WHAT CHA SAY

  4. Synthesiser Patel

    Thanks Maddie!

  5. Sarah

    Taylor Swift – Fearless!!
    Glee Soundtrack
    Green Day 21st – Century Breakdown

    Those are my top three!

  6. Jack

    Thanks Sarah, looks like The Glee Soundtrack is the early frontrunner. Lucky it’s now on the catalogue huh?

  7. Jess

    CD’s I liked. Hmmm

    Artwork- The Used
    It was a bit of a new style for them but I really enjoyed the rough edge they gave. I like the variation, the slower song like ‘Kissing YOu Goodbye’ to the very catchy mosh songs ‘Born To Quit’ and ‘Best Of Me’. Also liked that songs had meaning, like with ‘Meant To Die’ and how it was related to Heath Ledger. Cuz we all love him ^^.

    Brand New Eyes- Paramore
    Basically wonderful. Took me awhile to get into. But the musical talent has improved and they are now more then just a catchy CD. (Although it is VERY catchy) Hayley’s voice as intense as ever. The addition of Taylor was awesome with better guitar and drum beats. Looking forward to the concert. 🙂

    Honorable mentions:
    Congregation of the Damned – Atreyu
    The E.N.D- Black Eyed Peas
    Hot Mess- Cobra Starship (VERY AWESOME)
    Metamorphisis- Papa Roach
    Self Titled- Them Crooked Vultures
    And of course anything by Lady Gaga XD

    Not sure which of them are YA. I don’t think I could pick just one. *sigh*


  8. Jack

    Thanks Jess, great reviews! The library doesn’t yet have the Papa Roach or Atreyu albums, so perhaps I should request them based on your recommendations.

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