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Twilight Trivia Night Wrapup

entrancewayThis time last week (approximately) over 100 people in 31 teams competed to see who knew the most Twilight trivia. As you’d expect with a name like this, the Twiologists came away with the victory with an impressive 73 out of a possible 80 points. So, yes, they know Twilight. Actually, lots of people do as it turned out; we were impressed with the range of knowledge (fancy remembering who Mike went to the wedding with!). We’ll be posting the questions here soon, so if you weren’t there you can test your knowledge and if you were there you can once again bask in your cleverness.

staffroomSome things worth noting: some cool costumes, including the trucks (who won the spot prize), the forks (sorry I took such a long time to get it!) and the Volturi with their freakish red contacts (coming from a person who thinks being able to put contacts in your eyes is freakish). The nearly but not quite award (if there’d been one) would have gone to the team who missed out on second to last place by half a point… too many.

So, until next time, keep reading, enjoy the movie when it comes out, and remember that Nosferatu is indeed available from Wellington Central Libraries.


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