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We have two large, large Twilight film posters to give away. So we thought we’d have a small competition; write a review – a short paragraph of about 50 words – of the Twilight film in the comments below and we will randomly draw two winners by 5pm on Thursday next week (i.e., the 5th of February). Don’t forget to include your email address and full name! (We won’t publish either, of course.)

Also, you need to be a Wellington library Young Adult cardholder.


Almost Amazing Race




  1. Becky

    i havent seen it [people say it si really cool. i want to see it. it has such a cool theme and some of my favourite actors. nikki reed, cam gigandent. yeah all of the good actors and actresses.

  2. Melissa

    The much-anticipated Twilight movie, based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer, certainly lives up to expectations. A perfect mix of action, romance, fantasy and horror, Twilight is a movie that definitely gets my seal-of-approval and leaves me wishing for more.

  3. Zach

    I just saw the Twilight movie and i didnt really like it. The movie was so-so but the book was much better. My 2 fav scenes in the movie were the Cullen kitchen scene and the ending scene with bella and edward dancing and victoria watching threw a window.

  4. Hannah

    I saw twilight the movie
    They should have just let it be
    The plot was real lame
    The actors without fame
    The book was in my heart
    But the movie was a giant fart
    The loved scenes from the book
    Were directed by a headless chook.
    I saw twilight the movie
    It was all but groovy.

  5. Sara

    HMMM THE TWILIGHT MOVIE? Personally I thought it was mediocre! The book was AMAZING. BUT
    If I hadn’t read the book I would of found it really confusing (I’m not very clever), the plot was all over the place! And the music didn’t match the movie (except “Super massive black hole”) and the director left quite a lot of important things out e.g the meadow!

    Any way, those were my negative opinions, but the positive ones are:
    Bella was clumsy, they said a lot of phrases from the book! And Bella’s friends weren’t jealous and sour. And I liked the way used the preface!

    But you can’t actually expect the movie to be like the book!

    So overall it was average! And if I hadn’t read the book I would have loved it!

    From Sara

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