Press Display* is, like, the most popular newspaper resource at work, it has to be said. At the touch of a couple of keys (namely your library card number and surname) and one or two mouse clicks you can read newspapers from around the world, from Angola to Zimbabwe (the Angolan newspapers appear to be in Spanish or Portuguese or some such, but I can tell you that the Business Weekly (1 December issue) in Zimbabwe was very happy that Germany was doubling aid).

The papers are in full colour, with all their photos and all. New Zealand papers available include the Clutha Leader, the Kaikoura Star and the Motueka News. They even have the Hutt News and the Upper Hutt Leader (two leaders?).

It’s too easy to use really – either pick a paper or search a topic: if you want more on *that* book or *that* movie then in moments you can enjoy articles from newspapers as diverse as The Gulf News, The Guardian (Charlottetown, Canada), Corriere della Sera (??) and the Philippines Daily Inquirer.

You will be the most informed person you know.


* It’s the resource at the top of the “Newspapers” section of MyGateway.