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Ever been on a blind date?

13.08.10 | Comment?

If not, here’s your big chance! Next week is Library Week, which means you get to blind date a book. Excitement. Think of it as a practice run.

Starting from Monday and for one week only at the central library (and other participating library branches) there will be a collection of brown paper packages tied up with, um, coloured rubber bands. On these packages will be a short description, and inside will be the mystery blind date book. All you have to do is read the descriptions, find one that grabs your attention, take the package to the issues desk with your library card (to be issued), then take it home, unwrap, read and (with a bit of luck) enjoy. It might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

More on Library Week: this year’s theme is “Ask me, you might be surprised.” (We’re thinking pleasantly surprised.) This means if you’ve got a burning issue you want to know more about, or a question, or an assignment you’re struggling to find information on, don’t forget to come into the library and ask a librarian. We’re better than google.

There are also Library Week competitions we mentioned here.

Library Week Logo - visit the site!

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