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Twihards rejoice!

02.10.09 | 1 Comment

Are you familiar with the Scene-it? series of DVD games? They’re a series of movie quiz games you can play on your DVD player – sort of like Buzz, but don’t require a console. Anyway, the exciting news is that a Twilight one is coming very soon and is even coming to the Nintendo Wii in some sort of super deluxe package. Team Edward can face off against Team Jacob in trivia showdowns very soon then.

One thought on “Twihards rejoice!

  1. Kudzai says:

    Anyway. I wanted to sat that Summit Entertainment is starting to go tooo far with merchandising Twilight stuff. (You can even buy Twilight themed underwear?!?).Summit Entertatinment which is the film company that owns the movie rights for the Twilight Saga even tried making a Twilight based perfume in the shape of a red apple however there was already a perfume in the design of a red apple (by the brand Nina Richi something like that)and this case ended up in court because the brand “Nina Richi” had already come up with the idea before the Summit Entertainment, Nina Richi thought that they would lose sales as some fans might confuse the designs(if you google them both bottles look the same!!!). Don’t get me wrong the Twilight books are awesome and so are the movies but some of this merchandising is going too (whats next a twilight themed park ???). Twilight is quite enjoyable I would say the it is the best vampire romance- boys meets girl unexpectedly,book.

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