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Won something!

07.02.09 | Comment?

Congratulations to Zach and Hannah, winners of the fab poster* which you can view to the right here. We wish there were more to give away, but life’s like that I suppose**. We were interested to hear what you had to say about the movie – love it or hate it there will be Twilight movie hysteria at the end of this year with the arrival of New Moon.

Anyhow, the posters will be in the post as soon as we can find long enough containers to stick them in.

Thanks to Stu for the use of his feet.


* Fab, but with a couple of very small wrinkles on account of them being nicked (by us) out of the display posters box at the central library.

** Actually what I’d really like as a giveaway is a life-size cardboard cutout Edward. I think that’d make an interesting addition to any home. Maybe next year.

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