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Newest DVDs and a New CD

23.09.08 | Comment?

A few new DVDs (and one CD/DVD) have arrived:

» Disposable Hero (M) – This is a documentary about Brian Deegan, a freestyle motorcyclist who has won the most awards in his sport. He’s also lost several organs in the process.
» Futurama : The Beast with a Billion Backs (PG) – The second feature-length Futurama DVD. (Rather than reviving the television series, a total of four films will be made.)
» Batman : Gothic Knight (M) – These six episodes of the animated television series form, taken  together, form one complete film.
» My Chemical Romance : Things That Make You Go Mmmm! (M) – A documentary about My Chemical Romance, featuring interviews with the band and people close to them, shot in New Jersey where the band began. Also …
» The Black Parade is Dead : My Chemical Romance – This is a CD and a DVD; the CD is a recording of a live concert in Mexico City, and the DVD a concert in Mexico and Hoboken, New Jersey, in the U. S. of A.


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