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07.08.09 | Comment?

Is a busy one. Things to note:

Tuesday 11 August – Urban Survival Series “Staying Sane” 7-8pm at the Central Library. This week’s session (“Work & Wage”) ended with a couple of job interviews for a couple of people, so we’re wondering what will come out of this next session? Email us your questions on life, relationships with parentals and friends and stuff to teenblog@wcl.govt.nz.

Wednesday 12 August is Hoodie Day – you can find out more about this here and here. More trivia: Wikipedia says that hoodies are referred to as “bunnyhugs” in Saskatchewan (Canada).

Most importantly, Thursday 13 August is International Lefthanders Day, so be nice to us (be nice to us anyway). Because we like lists, here’s a list of famous lefthanded people. The library’s also got a collection of books about being left-handed.

That’s approximately everything at the moment.

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