Managing up

“I’m so tired of managing my manager” sighed a friend.  “How about a blog piece about that?”

So, you know who you are, and, without further ado, here’s our blog piece on managing up.

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How to spot and manage an insecure boss
Offers five strategies for managing up with an insecure boss in order to make the situation work for you both.

Mostly on Managing Up.
NZBusiness+Management, February 1, 2023.
Provides suggestions to help determine if you are managing up effectively.

Why Managing Up Matters.
Simpson, Liz.  Harvard Management Update 7, no. 8 (August 2002): 3-5
It isn’t manipulation. Clarifying the goals and limitations of the boss-employee relationship enables everyone to move on to the real business at hand.

How to Onboard Your New Boss
Hollister, R. and Watkins, M.D. (2023) Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, pp. 1–6
Reducing their learning curve about your organization, team, and culture will help set all of you up for success.

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Managing Up (Course)
Are you ready to take charge, do good work, and get noticed for it? If you don’t manage up, you may never have the opportunity to manage down. This course is designed to help you learn how to maximize your career by managing up. Leadership consultant and best-selling author Roberta Matuson explains what managing up is, what it isn’t, and why it is important to achieving success. First, she helps you decipher the management style of your boss. Then she outlines techniques for building a strong relationship as well as how to avoid mistakes. She also addresses the need to master office politics, how to navigate your workplace effectively, and how to boost your performance by maximizing your personal and positional power.  

Managing Your Manager (Course)
In this course, author, keynote speaker, and coach Dr. Todd Dewett shows how to manage your reputation and one of your most important work relationships: your rapport with your boss. Discover how to understand your manager’s world, preferences, and lingo; support your boss’s goals; be a help rather than a hindrance; and lead by offering solutions. Plus, learn how to manage particularly difficult types of bosses, such as the boss who’s never available, the mean boss, or the boss who acts better than everyone else.

Book collection

The unwritten rules of managing up : project management techniques from the trenches / Brownlee, Dana
“What do you do when the biggest threat to your project is your boss? It’s not that your boss is out to get you. In fact, bosses generally mean well. But clueless leadership from a well-intentioned boss can sometimes cause more damage than a criminal mastermind tying your project to the railroad tracks. The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up provides refreshingly practical and candid insight into the best practices and techniques that project managers have successfully used for decades to manage a wide variety of senior-level stakeholders-ranging from perfectly competent and pleasant to downright dysfunctional and inept. While managing up is an incredibly valuable skill for virtually any type of boss (not just the difficult ones), the book includes recommendations for managing six particularly challenging-and common-types of senior leaders. … Brownlee also offers basic techniques to use with any boss, even a great one. This book is not just for professionals seeking to enhance their workplace effectiveness but also for senior leaders interested in addressing their blind spots and coaching others toward a more collaborative, results-focused leadership approach.” (Adapted from Catalogue)  Available only as EBook Libby

Managing up : how to move up, win at work, and succeed with any type of boss / Abbajay, Mary
Managing Up is your guide to the most valuable ‘soft skill’ your career has ever seen. It’s not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it’s about figuring out who you are, who your boss is, and finding where you meet. It’s about building real relationships with people who have influence over your career. Managing up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for the organization as a whole. This book gives you strategies for developing these all-important connections and building more than rapport; you become able to quickly assess situations, and determine which actions will move you forward; you become your own talent manager, and your boss’s top choice for that new opportunity. As a skill, managing up can do more for your career than simply ‘networking’ ever could and this book shows you how.” (Catalogue)

Managing up : how to forge an effective relationship with those above you / Badowski, Rosanne
“Everyone has a boss. And anyone who has aspired to move up the corporate ladder knows that their relationship with those they report to is crucial.” (Catalogue)



Managing your manager : how to get ahead with any type of boss / Dufour, Gonzague
“Learn how to effectively work with even the most difficult boss – and instantly position yourself for success. Placing manager “types” into real-world categories – from the Bully, Scientist, and Star to the Geek, Parent, and Con Artist – this book provides everything you need to make your work life more satisfying and productive.” (Catalogue)


A survival guide for working with bad bosses : dealing with bullies, idiots, back-stabbers, and other managers from hell / Scott, Gini Graham
“Being saddled with a terrible supervisor can turn even the best job into a nightmare. Unfortunately, not every boss is the great symbol of managerial perfection one would hope for. A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses provides readers with savvy, practical advice for coping with managers and supervisors who are mean, incompetent, unethical, and worse.” (Catalogue)

Bad boss : what to do if you work for one, manage one or are one / Gibbings, Michelle
“At one time or another we’ve all had a bad boss – from bullying and intimidation, to unfair feedback and unrealistic workloads. Contrary to popular belief, most bosses don’t set out to be a bad boss, and yet they are. A bad boss’s behaviour sets the tone for what’s acceptable in the whole organisation and in doing so, can cause major issues for productivity, staff turnover and wellbeing. This book covers all three perspectives for the direct report, the boss and the boss’s boss. It could even be you! This book will help you identify is it them, is it you or is it the environment in which you work, with key actionable steps to turn things around.” (Catalogue)

How to lead when your boss can’t (or won’t) / Maxwell, John C.
“Learn the secrets of how to lead well and be successful even when working for an ineffective leader.” (Catalogue)




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New Year, new skill set


A year end and a new beginning is often a time for personal reflection.

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Be exceptional : master the five traits that set extraordinary people apart / Navarro, Joe
“Behavior expert and business consultant Joe Navarro reveals the five unequalled qualities that set exceptional individuals and great leaders apart, and how you can use these principles to stand out and distinguish yourself. Including case studies from business and history, compelling stories from Joe’s life and career, and cutting-edge science, this book empowers you to change how you see yourself, influence how others see you, and prepare, should the opportunity arise, to be not just ready to lead, but worthy to lead.” (Catalogue)

Awaken your power within : let go of fear discover your infinite potential become your true self / Hussey, Gerry
“Gerry Hussey is Ireland’s leading health and performance coach and founder of the incredible movement Soul Space. Here in his first book, Awaken Your Power Within, he brings us on an open, honest and mind-blowing human encounter that takes us inside the heart and mind of a young boy who dared to ask deeper questions about the mind and soul. With amazing insights, life lessons, and powerful meditations Awaken Your Power Within unlocks the truths about how we experience the world and shows us how we can break free from unconscious, self-limiting beliefs, habits, emotions and thinking patterns to reshape and reclaim our inner world, enabling us to live as our truest and most powerful self. From letting go of the fear of not being enough, to overcoming the dis-ease of distraction, to opening up to a deeper level of consciousness, Awaken Your Power Within is a powerful guide for all ages, one which takes us on a path of discovery to a deeper understanding of who we truly are and the limitless possibilities of which we are all capable”–Publisher’s description.” (Catalogue)

The comfort crisis : embrace discomfort to reclaim your wild, happy, healthy self / Easter, Michael
“In many ways, we’re more comfortable than ever before. But could our sheltered, temperature-controlled, overfed, underchallenged lives actually be the leading cause of many our most urgent physical and mental health issues? [Author and] journalist Michael Easter seeks out off-the-grid visionaries, disruptive genius researchers, and mind-body conditioning trailblazers who are unlocking the life-enhancing secrets of a counterintuitive solution: discomfort”–Flap page 1 of dust jacket.” (Catalogue)
Also available as an audiobook

The courage to advance : real life resilience from the world’s most successful women in business / Hagemann, Bonnie
“A powerful collection of 36 stories about how the world’s most successful women have overcome some of life’s biggest challenges to reach the top of their professions. This is a book written for every current and aspiring leader, revealing the things that leaders rarely talk about; the behind the scenes struggles. The women in these stories are powerful, internationally diverse and have impressive leadership accomplishments. They were brought together through one unifying experience: they have all completed the Harvard Business School Women on Boards program, a course that has turned into a movement. Today there are over 130 members of the WomenExecs on Boards network, from 17 countries. This is the network where organizations go to find educated, prepared, qualified and diverse women for corporate board seats. After reading this book you will be inspired to lead and make a difference for others whether it’s running a company or leading a division, team, project, community event or your family and home. You will discover that you already have all you need to succeed when it gets hard, to never give up, and how to keep going through life’s difficult and sometimes terrible challenges. These women want you to know that you are not alone, and that you can lean on the strength of those who have gone before you, keep leading and keep getting back up again and again.”–” (Catalogue)

The creative nudge : simple steps to help you think differently / Mahoney, Mick
“Creative thinking is something everyone can do. It’s a way of looking at the world afresh, doing new things in new ways, taking risks. With The Creative Nudge, use ‘nudge theory’ to unleash your innate originality. A new behavioural science that reveals how small actions can have big impacts on our thinking, nudge theory powers this book. Using simple behaviour changes, retrain your brain and live a more creative and rewarding life.” (Catalogue)

Mental fitness / Wood, Paul
“The bestselling author of How to Escape from Prison, prisoner-turned-psychologist Paul Wood on developing the mental strength and fitness to take on all of life’s challenges. Getting and staying mentally fit, just like getting and maintaining a high level of physical fitness, involves hard work, effort, and consistency. Our level of mental fitness determines how effectively we can flourish through adversity, realise our potential, and be happier with our lives – regardless of what the universe has in store. We all know about mental stress (or we think we do). We’ve definitely all experienced it, and none of us like it. Yet this is not a threat to be avoided. Mental stress is perfectly analogous to physical stress: it is the mind’s way of telling us that what we are attempting to perform is challenging our resource. This is a catalyst for growth, and a sign we are pursuing our potential. When we experience stress, we have a choice: we can heed that signal and give up – after all, we’re meant to stay in our psychic comfort zone all the time, right? Or we can recognise the discomfort we are feeling is simply nature’s way of enabling us to rise to the occasion.In Mental Fitness you will learn how to: Increase your mental fitness, just as you would increase your physical fitness -Get closer to your potential by working proactively to maintain your mental fitness -Experience the right level of stress (this is what makes us get fitter) -Cope effectively for longer before you get fatigued or exhausted (it doesn’t mean you don’t feel the struggle) -Pay attention to the indicators of fatigue to avoid burnout and unnecessary misery”–Publisher’s website.” (Catalogue)