Call for entries for the NZ Compare Awards 2021

2021 sees the return, for the 5th year, of the Broadband Compare Awards as the newly enlarged and rebranded NZ Compare Awards.

The NZ Compare Awards will cover every aspect of the New Zealand broadband and power industries and will culminate in a gala awards night at the Hunua Rooms in Auckland, on the (rearranged due to COVID date of) 16 February 2022.

As part of the awards, NZ Compare has introduced a brand-new category which will be awarded to an NZ organisation or individual that is making a difference within their industry, community, people, staff or peers through leading positive change, improvements and inspiring others to follow their example. Entrants do NOT need to work within the Broadband or Energy sectors of NZ to be eligible and the judges are looking for entrants that are Making a Difference across all walks of New Zealand life. Supported by, the prestigious “Making a Difference” award was created in response to the challenging year that businesses and individuals have experienced in 2021.

Learn more here about nominating yourself or others  

Disaster planning and business continuity

Watching or reading any news lately and there is inevitably mention of a natural disaster impacting a community somewhere in the world. Internationally there have been floods and wildfires while closer to home a number of places throughout the country have experienced severe and destructive flooding. 

In Wellington we live with the anticipation of a large earthquake but is your business actually prepared for what might happen should a large scale natural disaster occur?

Newly released research from the Australian Red Cross shows that there are different disaster preparedness personality types.
Those who were prepared felt more in control when faced with a disaster situation and reported feeling less stress and recovered better than those who were not prepared.

A disaster plan needs to be thought about ahead of schedule and staff trained in how to proceed. It needs to cover several different scenarios.

4 Tech Tools Your Business Needs During Natural Disasters outlines what’s needed to ensure you are well equipped to communicate with employees and customers in an emergency situation.

Emotional and mental support is just as important as physical support during these times.   Recently “… leading NZ disaster experts have channelled their extensive global experience into creating and launching a free Pandemic Pack – to help people care for their mental health and work towards post-traumatic growth.

Developed by Hummingly, the pack is a set of downloadable digital cards that have so far been downloaded more than 2000 times, by people who are part of an emerging wave of business leaders, workers and individuals seeking assistance in moving forward with resilience and achieving post-traumatic growth.”  More information can be accessed here.

Newly added to the library collection recently and available in hard copy is : Business continuity management : a practical guide to organizational resilience and ISO 22301 / Crask, James
“Implement practical solutions in business continuity management and organizational resilience guided by international best practice from ISO 22301:2019. Business continuity management and organizational resilience are critical to maintaining a healthy business, but the process can easily become overly process-driven, too detailed and disengaging. As a consequence, many organizations either do nothing (leaving themselves exposed to disruption), take short cuts (leaving major gaps) or lose the interest of senior stakeholders. This book is a straightforward guide to implementing business continuity, including practical solutions built from the author’s personal experience delivering hundreds of projects in a variety of business settings. Business Continuity Management explains how business continuity should sit within a wider risk and organizational resilience framework and how to explain its importance to senior decision makers to ensure appropriate investment. Readers will benefit from case studies of organizational crises and disruptions, a maturity model to plan and measure progress, Key Performance Indicators and templates and checklists covering planning, response, reporting and assurance. This book is the essential reference for business continuity and resilience, with frameworks and examples which can be tailored to any organization”– Provided by publisher.” (Catalogue)  

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Digital Boost – support for small businesses

Digital Boost is a series of free, self-paced training videos prepared by MBIE for the benefit of small businesses.

These short – 3-5 minute – videos give you the full rundown on how to operate a business in today’s world.  There are hundreds available with printed learning summaries.

MBIE’s figures show that over 40,000 small businesses are participating in this free training initiative.  If your business isn’t one of them, sign up now.

Learn more here

National garden week : Grow to give

Today marks the start of National gardening week, an event that “aims to foster a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature”.

With the theme of Grow to give, this year gardeners are being encouraged to grow some extra to share with neighbours, community pantries, food banks and other local food donation agencies. A list of organisations that accept surplus garden produce can be found here.

If you don’t have space but are keen to do some hands on gardening check out Wellington City Council’s info on Community gardens.

If there’s no community garden space in your area and you want to set one up check out this e-book from the WCL collection
Start a community food garden : the essential handbook / Joy, LaManda
“LaManda Joy, the founder of Chicago’s Peterson Garden Project and a board member of the American Community Gardening Association, has worked in the community gardening trenches for years and brings her knowledge to the wider world in Start a Community Food Garden. This hardworking guide covers every step of the process: fundraising, community organizing, site sourcing, garden design and planning, finding and managing volunteers, and managing the garden through all four seasons. A section dedicated to the basics of growing was designed to be used by community garden leaders as an educational tool for teaching new members how to successfully garden.” (Catalogue)

If you do have land and are keen to take vege gardening  to a higher level, perhaps even making a living from growing, then the library has plenty of informative and inspirational resources to help.

The no-till organic vegetable farm : how to start and run a profitable market garden that builds health in soil, crops, and communities / Mays, Daniel
“Author Daniel Mays outlines the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the no-till farming method”– Provided by publisher.” (Catalogue)

Gardening for Profit / Collyns, Kate
“More and more of us are discovering the rewards of growing our own food – and there’s plenty of advice to be found on how to do so. But what about producing enough to sell, or even trying to make a living in this way?This book is for anyone who is interested in selling some produce for profit – whether just surplus from a vegetable garden or wholesale from a fully developed professional business. It takes you step by step through all the aspects you’ll need to think about, including: finding land; winning customers and marketing your produce; working out what equipment you’ll need (and how much to budget for); sourcing funding; deciding which crops to grow; managing your accounts – and doing the tax and legal paperwork.With an extensive directory of invaluable contacts and resources, Gardening for Profit is packed with solid, first-hand advice. It provides all the reassurance you might need that earning an income from horticulture is perfectly possible.” (Catalogue)

Microfarming for profit : from garden to glory / DeWitt, Dave
“This guide gives prospective microfarmers the dirt on realistic essentials for turning a garden into a money-making enterprise. The author advises on such basics as business plans and sales techniques; profiles a range of actual working microfarms, from flowers to killer bees; and relates stories from his own microfarming.” (Catalogue)


The abundant garden : a practical guide to growing a regenerative home garden / Kay, Niva
“Niva and Yotam Kay of Pakaraka Permaculture, on the Coromandel Peninsula of Aotearoa New Zealand, share their long experience in organic gardening in this comprehensive book on how to create and maintain a productive and regenerative vegetable garden. They work with nature, enhancing the soil life and fertility, and providing plants with what they need to thrive. This is grounded in the latest scientific research on soil health, ecological and regenerative practices. Vegetable gardening, in this way, repeatedly demonstrates that every loved garden bed can produce high-yielding, resilient, nourishing and delicious vegetables year after year. The Abundant Garden has simple, reliable strategies and techniques to help maximise your ability to feed yourself and share the abundance with those around you. With information on growing a wide variety of vegetables, there are also helpful charts to help you plan and plant your garden year-round. In addition there are details on how to grow microgreens and great recipes for ferments, preserves and pickles you can stock the pantry with your garden’s bounty.” (Catalogue)

Online resources include Beamafilm’s  New Zealand Permaculture Series  while Kanopy offers 24 episodes on the Science of gardening as part of the Great courses series.  Both these are available with a current library registration card.

There are also plenty of magazines available offering both practical advice and pictorial inspiration.  Libby has over 70 gardening and lifestyle titles available while Press reader offers NZ gardener and other titles under the Home and garden heading.  Both these resources require log in with a current library card.

So get gardening.  You’ll be growing your own fresh food with surplus to share.  You may even find you have a side hustle going on or even a change of career direction.

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Countdown to Christmas

We are entering that time of the year when the countdown to Christmas begins and retail starts reminding us how many shopping days there are left.

For many in retail the October-December period is the “golden period” for promotions and sales, whether in store or via online.

But are you targeting the right markets?  Is your store enticing?  Do you have an online selling plan?

In this article by marketing strategist, Rachel Klaver, eight different key promotional periods between October and December are identified.

As a retailer have you planned to maximise your sales during this period?

Within WCL’s collection there are a number of resources than can assist you with taking advantage of this peak selling time.

Retail consultant Herb Sorensen’s book takes you inside the mind of the shopper allowing you to better understand consumer behaviour.
Inside the mind of the shopper : the science of retailing / Sorensen, Herb
“… Drawing on Sorensen’s breakthrough second-by-second analysis of millions of shopping trips, this book reveals how consumers actually behave, move, and make buying decisions as they move through supermarkets and other retail stores. Sorensen presents powerful, tested strategies for designing more effective stores, improving merchandising, and driving double-digit sales increases. He identifies simple interventions that can have dramatic sales effects, and shows why many common strategies simply don’t work. You’ll learn how to appeal to the “quick trip” shopper; make the most of all three “moments of truth”; understand consumers’ powerful in-store migration patterns; improve collaboration between manufacturers and retailers; learn the lessons of Stew Leonard’s and other innovators; and much more. Then, in Part II, Sorensen presents revealing interviews with several leading in-store retail experts, including crucial insights on using technology and retailing to multicultural communities.” (Catalogue)

Although older Visual merchandising still offers insights into consumer psychology.

Visual merchandising : window and in-store displays for retail / Morgan, Tony
“A great introduction for retail students, this book offers a user-friendly reference guide to all aspects of visual merchandising and covers both window dressing and in-store areas. Using examples from a range of stores from fashion emporia to supermarkets, the book offers practical advice on the subject, supported by hints and tips from established visual merchandisers. It reveals the secrets of their tool kit, and information on the use of mannequins, the latest technology, how to construct and source props, and explains the psychology behind shopping and buyer behavior. Presented through color photographs, diagrams of floor layouts, and store case studies, and including invaluable information such as a glossary of terms used in the industry, Visual Merchandising is an essential handbook for anyone working in and learning about this exciting area.” (Catalogue)

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Workplace Wellness Report 2021

The Workplace Wellness report 2021 has just been released.

Undertaken every two years by Southern Cross Health Insurance and BusinessNZ, the report is now in its fifth edition.

Unsurprisingly there has been an increase in workplace flexibility with more businesses offering a work from home option.  While most employees find this positive there has also been an increase in the feelings of isolation.  Overall businesses report an increase in stress levels around workload.

Interlibrary loans

Can’t find what you need in the Wellington City Libraries collection? We provide an inter-library loan (interloan) service that allows you to access material held in other libraries in New Zealand or overseas.

  • Anyone with a current library card can request an interloan
  • Books, articles, theses, music scores, audio-visual material, car manuals and more can all be requested
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Kids and business : encouraging the young entrepreneur

Last week the posts focused on the older demographic in the workplace.  Today, because it’s still school holidays, its a good time to encourage the kids’ creativity and entrepreneurial skill set.

Does Miss 14 see her career path including making millions as a Tiktok influencer?  Is Mister 10 talking about ways to make money to upgrade his playstation?  Seize the opportunity to harness that energy and get the kids learning about how to run a business.

WCL has a collection of books aimed at the children and young adult demographic that will provide them with money making ideas as well as teaching how to develop and market their product.  It’s never too soon to be entrepreneurial.

For the younger members of the family who keen on cooking check out :

How to make money from cooking and baking / Storey, Rita
“Do you have a fantastic business idea but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you love cooking and baking and want to make some money from something you enjoy doing. This book is a fantastic guide containing all the tips and tricks you need to your cooker into a profitable enterprise and become a young entrepreneur (a Kidpreneur!). Sample areas covered include: designing brand images, conducting market research, writing a business plan and understanding restrictions and the law. If you simply want to make some money for charity there’s a guide to this area as well. There is a strong emphasis on how to keep safe and what dangers to be aware of, for example in dealing with people in your money-making enterprise. It is part of the How to Make Money series – books that turn young people into young entrepreneurs, whether they’re into cooking, computers, upcycling or simply using their spare time profitably! (Publisher’s website)” (Catalogue)

Kid start-up : how you can be an entrepreneur / Cuban, Mark
“The stars of ABC’s Shark tank explain how a kid can discover a great business idea and get it off the ground.” (Catalogue)




For some inspiration from those who have been there and done that have a look at :

Brilliant businesskids : young entrepreneurs with global ambitions / Burston, Jo
“This book follow the stories of young entrepreneurs from around the globe who have grown their Simple Ideas into businesses and social enterprises that span their own countries, and even The World. Eleven incredibly talented young founders describe in their own words the challenges and opportunities they faced designing, launching and marketing their products, and driving change through their social initiatives. They explain their journey from startup, revealing how their entrepreneurial journey has shaped them personally. This book shows that by encouraging children and teenagers to start businesses and social enterprises when they’re still at school, teachers and parents can equip them with business skills and practical knowledge that could stay with them for life. For children and teenagers globally, who dream of turning their entrepreneurial ideas into reality, this book is designed and illustrated especially for you! It’s packed with insights from kids who dared to believe in themselves. If these Brilliant BusinessKids can do it, then so can you!” (Catalogue)

For the older age group there is inspiration to be found in Henry Patterson’s book

Young and mighty : your secret weapon for earning some money, changing the world, and spending your future doing what you love / Patterson, Henry
“You can turn your passion into more than just a hobby. When he was 9 years old, Henry Patterson (now aged 14) turned his sweet stall into a story book and children’s brand, which led to an international business that took him around the world, meeting fantastic people along the way – including Sir Richard Branson and the co-founder of Instagram, Mike Krieger. In Young and Mighty, Henry not only shows how to start your own business at any age, he also shares 30 tried-and-tested ways to earn some money right now, as well as 20 fun methods for fundraising for causes that matter to you. Young and Mighty is for those who want to find what makes them tick, for those who want to change the world, for those who just want to have fun. Grab it and go make your unique mark on the world!” (Catalogue)

Although an older publication there is still good advice to be found in

The young New Zealander’s guide to entrepreneurship / Hunter, Ian
“… an inspirational and practical guide to starting your own business. Fully endorsed by the Young Enterprise Scheme, the book is filled with great advice from winning teams, business mentors and hot tips from some of New Zealand’s leading business people” — Cover.” (Catalogue)

And remember the Prosearch team doesn’t have an age limit for customers.

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Older workers and multigenerational workplaces

The days of retiring at 65 are long gone and many older workers choose to remain on in the workplace.

There are many positives to employing an older person – their wealth of knowledge, their life and people skills, their loyalty to the company.  Yet many also face ageism or discrimination due to their years.  At times there may also be friction between different generations and the employer needs to have the skills to negotiate this and bring out the best in all employees in order to benefit the business.

Older workforces : re-imagining later life learning / Bingham, Domini
“We are all going to become old. Many countries are ageing demographically with ageing workforces. Despite anti-discrimination and equality laws, older workers are routinely left out from learning opportunities even unconsciously so, suffer stereotyping or they simply do not participate. Why is this so? This book looks to understand the background to this and re-imagine older workplaces to capitalise on older workers. The author explores what learning and development offers a best fit for older workforces through literature, research and case studies with organisations and individuals. She considers how an organisation might shift its strategic processes to offer a holistic workforce opportunity of value to both employee and employer, as it is cognitive skills that will be needed in future workforces. Emphasising the area of work agency and the human right to learning, this book turns ageing and learning in workplaces on its head, seeing older workers as vessels of untapped potential. It re-imagines their possibilities in a time of intense demographic and digital change. This book will be a pragmatic guide to academics, researchers and practitioners in the fields of workplace learning, human resource development, social policy and diversity.” (Catalogue)


Older women who work : resilience, choice, and change
“Older Women Who Work: Resilience, Choice, and Change provides one of the first in-depth examinations of women age 65 and older who have delayed retirement, exploring personal and career identity, social roles, and quality of life concerns. The fifteenth book in APA’s Division 35 Psychology of Women series, this edited volume presents a rich array of qualitative and quantitative research on older women’s experiences in the workplace. Chapter authors share insights about how organizational leaders can change societal structures to better support the motivations and needs of diverse older women in the workplace. The book also describes how consultants, educators, and mental health professionals can encourage development of personal grit, to help the growing numbers of older women exercise their right to opportunities and be adaptable in the face of employment challenges”– Provided by publisher.” (Catalogue)


Counter mentor leadership : how to unlock the potential of the 4-generation workplace / Riggs, Kelly
“This book is the result of over twenty-five years of combined experience from Kelly and Robby Riggs-dynamic, occasionally irreverent, always insightful, father (Boomer) and son (Millennial), who work with organizations grappling daily with multi-generational conflict. Through their collaboration, Kelly and Robby share their very different perspectives on the same problems most companies are STILL dealing with, but haven’t had the courage or the tools, to address. Issues such as: a shocking lack of leadership skills; the culture-killing generational divide that is demolishing many companies; and the stunning, often unrecognized impact of technology on the workplace.” (Catalogue)

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Becoming an Age Friendly Business

In the last post I wrote about senior entrepreneurs.  Not everyone can or wants to run their own business though.  It’s a fact New Zealand has an ageing population and one in which dementia is a growing problem.

How can our existing businesses support this growing demographic?

MBIE has produced a series of documents on how to become an Age Friendly Business

Becoming an age friendly business book

Becoming an Age Friendly Business Implementation Guide 

Becoming an Age Friendly Business Action plan

Becoming an Age friendly Business self assessment toolkit

Additional resources are available on the Office for Seniors website.

If you need more information please contact the Prosearch team at the library. We can help you find information across a range of perspectives and resources. All enquiries are treated in confidence.