Stepping up : a guide for the new manager


Whether you stepped up and earned a promotion, or maybe just became an “accidental manager”,  at some point, soon after, reality sets in.  Suddenly you are no longer one of the team and have moved to leading the team where the view is a little different.  You’ve quickly found that being a people manager isn’t the same as being the one who is managed.

It’s hard if you are in a new role with an unknown team to manage but it’s also hard if you have moved into a role managing people you have worked alongside.  Suddenly your priorities shift and you feel a need to distance yourself.

Many people who move upwards aren’t given specific training to manage people.  If that’s the case you are going to have to learn to swim very quickly if you are to prove successful in your new role.

How can the transition into being a leader be made painless and a success for you and those you are now leading?

Below we have curated some  resources to assist your move from buddy to boss.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make
Outlines some of the pitfalls to be aware of and how to correct mistakes you may be making.

In a New Role? Here’s How to Hit the Ground Running
In this HBR podcast professor Rob Cross talks about about pitfalls to avoid as a new manager.

The Ups and Downs of Being a First-Time Manager
Also in a HBR podcast three women describe the lessons they’ve learned and the realities they weren’t prepared for.

3 Skills Every New Leader Needs
An article from the HBR highlighting that  leaders are being called to develop skills like adaptability, emotional intelligence, and humility, traits that are particularly valuable to navigating uncertain times.

3 Skills New Managers Need to Succeed
To start, recognize that entire teams—and not just individuals—require clear feedback.

Seven Surprises for New Managers
Outlines some common management misconceptions and warns that even if you are “… prepared for the challenges ahead, new managers can come unstuck in unexpected ways”.

4 Mistakes New Leaders Make
Well-meaning leaders—especially new leaders—often stumble into the wrong actions or wrong mentality when leading their team

How new managers can help teams collaborate better
If your team is new and you are new to managing them, this article gives guidance on how to quickly become a cohesive unit.

The journey from colleague to boss
Becoming a boss can present unique problems with those who used to be colleagues, but Alaina Love offers six strategies to build team cohesion.

A New Manager’s Game Plan For The First 100 Days
Contends that for senior managers in particular there is a 100 day bedding in period in three phases : The first 30 days are an orientation period, in which the manager meets key people, develops essential information and evaluates core processes. The second 30 days focus on planning, key organizational changes and early showcase projects. In the final 40 days, the manager initiates rollout of the needed changes.


Believe : how new leaders step up and into their full potential / James, Brenda
“In Believe, author Brenda James guides you to take a deep but safe dive inward. Chapter by chapter, through a method of introspection, you are encouraged to take simple action steps and embrace tools to help illuminate all the reasons why you should believe in yourself as a leader. Embrace the process and let its wisdom equip you with one of the key fundamentals of leadership – self-belief. Come on an inspiring journey that will fill your heart with possibility. Immediately – and forever.” – back cover” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Succeed as a new manager : how to inspire your team and be a great boss
“It’s great to have a challenge at work. Managing others, though, can be daunting and can be tricky if you’re the boss of former colleagues or friends. Packed with advice, this book attempts to help you sail through issues such as getting to know your team, dealing with internal politics, motivating others, and celebrating success.” (Catalogue)


Becoming a manager : how new managers master the challenges of leadership / Hill, Linda A.
“… the author offers concrete advice on the crucial issues of dealing effectively with organizational politics and developing and leading diverse teams in times of change, as well as on how managers can prepare themselves to lead over the course of their careers. In a new epilogue, she explores what organizations can do to help managers in their journey to lead and learn.”–BOOK JACKET.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

What to do when you become the boss : how new managers become successful managers / Selden, Bob
“At last, a straightforward guide to help fill the people management learning gap for new managers ” (Catalogue)



From bud to boss : secrets to a successful transition to remarkable leadership / Eikenberry, Kevin
“Practical advice for making the shift to your first leadership position.  The number of people who will become first-time supervisors will likely grow in the next 10 years, as Baby Boomers retire. Perhaps the most challenging leadership experience anyone will face isn’t one at the top, but their first promotion to leadership. They must deal with the change and uncertainty that comes with a new job, requiring new skills, and they’ve been promoted from peer to leader. While the book addresses the needs of any manager, supervisor, or leader, it pulls from the best leadership and management thinking, and puts the focus on the difficulties that new leaders experience. Includes practical information for new managers who must supervise friends and former peers”– Provided by publisher.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

New managers : mastering the big 3 principles of effective management–leadership, communication, and team building / Falcone, Paul
“An accessible and practical playbook by leading HR expert Paul Falcone to cultivate your most vital resource: having the right people working hard for you.” (Catalogue)


The essentials of management : everything you need to succeed as a new manager / Leigh, Andrew
“Distilling years of hard-won success, experience, lessons and management wisdom, this book will help new and aspiring managers be the best they can be.   For new and aspiring managers this exciting book will enable you to quickly learn all the clever and powerful tips, tricks, advice andknow-how that seasoned and experienced managers already know.You will pick up effective ideas and learn powerful, practical skills that will help you become a better, more successful manager who really delivers results.” (Catalogue)

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