Art on Conservation talk: Award-winning artist Phillip Waddington

5:30-6:30pm Thursday 2 May
at Te Awe Library

Come along to Te Awe Brandon Street Library on Thursday 2 May to hear award-winning artist and conservationist, Phillip Waddington, talk about the collision of his two worlds. Phillip Waddington is a Petone artist whose life-long passion for art, the environment and conservation started at an early age, and has intertwined with his work as a professional artist for fifty years. His art captures the essence of nature from close observation and unique experiences with native reserves and forests.

He developed a painting style influenced by C.F Goldie and is also well-known for portrait art. His oil portraits earned Phillip the nickname ‘The Living Goldie’. His recent work includes a portrait of Chris Hipkins and the seaweed-and-fish sculpture on Petone Beach.

His talent goes beyond the canvas. With a lifelong passion in ecology, he also invented a humane predator trap for Department of Conservation and was awarded Wellingtonian of the Year.

Meet the artist and hear his free and fascinating talk, encompassing art and nature.

Find these books to further expand your interest in ecology and painting.

Kākāpō : rescued from the brink of extinction / Ballance, Alison
“New Zealand’s threatened night parrot, the kākāpō, has been the focus of a remarkable conservation effort, by a dedicated team of rangers and scientists know every kākāpō by name, that has seen the bird’s population rise three times. Kākāpō are unique and unusual birds. long-lived, flightless heavyweights, and survive on just a small number of predator-free island sanctuaries. Natural history writer and broadcaster Alison Ballance has been involved with kākāpō since the mid-1990s, and has a unique insight into the birds and their human minders.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Goldie / Blackley, Roger
“Charles F. Goldie (1870-1947) is one of New Zealand’s best known artists, with mystique surrounding his work. His fame has been fed by newspaper reports documenting record-shattering prices, thefts, vandalism and forgeries. The book explores Goldie’s career, his early still life paintings, his time as a student in Paris, his reign as Aukland’s leading painter, the fall from critical favour, descent into ill health and distinctive late period paintings of the 1930s.” (Catalogue)

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