Gut Feelings – New Health Books in the Collection

It’s a new month and we have another selection of new health books for you.  From looking after your gut health, to caring for a brain injury, to a guide to living with lupus and good eating habits, we have a wide selection of titles for you to delve into.

Gut feelings : healing the shame-fuelled relationship between what you eat and how you feel / Cole, Will
“Now, Dr Will Cole sheds light on the relationship between your physical and emotional health, providing a framework for you to better understand the gut-brain connection and influence that connection for the better. Dr Cole will help you re-evaluate your relationship with food and your body, getting you back in touch with your gut feelings, in this practical 21-Day Plan that bridges the gap between your emotions and your health with healing recipes, dietary guidance and mindfulness techniques.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Healing the traumatized brain : coping after concussion and other brain injuries / Vaishnavi, Sandeep
“Recovering from a brain injury can be a challenging, prolonged process. This book explains how the brain works, how injuries affect the brain, and how to use your brain’s own power to recover.” (Catalogue)


FAQs on menopause / Robinson, Julie
“No question is too simple, too embarrassing, too rude or too offbeat to be included, and each one has been asked by thousands of people just like you. Do people know I’m having a hot flush? Is it normal to feel rage all the time? Why I am getting more hair in some places and losing it from others? All these questions, and hundreds more, are covered in this short but powerful, helpful, practical guide to managing your menopause symptoms.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

A good appetite : eating for planet, body and soul / Chandler, Jenny
“A Good Appetite is packed with practical information and recipes for making the way you shop and cook more planet-friendly. There are brilliant bite-sized guides to everything from eating with the seasons, batch cooking and the best ways to use your freezer to foraging and growing some of your own food.  It’s the foundation of years of great meals. By avoiding food waste and stretching expensive ingredients, there’s a payoff for your pocket too, which is important in these thrifty times.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The blue zones secrets for living longer : lessons from the healthiest places on earth / Buettner, Dan
“National Geographic Explorer and best-selling author Dan Buettner has traveled the globe to uncover the best strategies for longevity, which he found in the Blue Zones: places around the world where higher percentages of people enjoy remarkably long, full lives. Throughout his two decades of research, Buettner has worked with some of National Geographic’s top photographers–including David McLain and Gianluca Cola–to document the healthy habits of the world’s longest living communities.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

When a loved one has dementia : a comforting companion for family and friends / Helmink, Eveline
“Dementia enters life through the back door, slipping in unnoticed. Once it’s there, it can make you feel powerless, angry, and unsure how to move forward. When her mother developed dementia, Helmink wasn’t prepared. As she learned firsthand, when your loved one is suffering, it takes a toll on you, too. In sharing her personal account, readers are allowed to walk through the endless tunnel of dementia, and along the path to acceptance, forgivenss, and love. — adapted from jacket” (Catalogue)

Gluten free Christmas! : 80 easy gluten-free recipes for a stress-free festive season / Excell, Becky
“Fuss-free, simple and delicious recipes to see you through the festive season, that all of the family will love! Gluten Free Christmas will show you just how simple it is to recreate all your seasonal favorites, from Christmas Eve nibbles and the main event, to sweet treats, edible gifts and a festive feast. An essential book when it comes to gluten-free home cooking, Gluten Free Christmas will ensure that you have the best holiday season EVER.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Good girls : a story and study of anorexia / Freeman, Hadley
“In 1995, Hadley Freeman wrote in her diary: “I just spent three years of my life in mental hospitals. So why am I crazier than I was before????” From the ages of fourteen to seventeen, Freeman lived in psychiatric wards after developing anorexia nervosa. Her doctors informed her that her body was cannibalizing her muscles and heart for nutrition, but they could tell her little why she had it, what it felt like, what recovery looked like. For the next twenty years, Freeman lived as a “functioning anorexic,” grappling with new forms of self-destructive behavior as the anorexia mutated and persisted.  Life can be enjoyed, rather than merely endured.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Yoga / Payne, Larry
“Stretch, strengthen, and start your yoga journey with this approachable guide. Yoga For Dummies teaches beginners the fundamentals of Yoga―correct posture, breathing techniques, meditation practices, and beyond. It’s also a helpful resource for established yogis who want to focus on foundations. Whoever you are, you’ll enjoy the proven mental and physical health benefits of this ancient practice. Improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, increase your flexibility and balance, reduce stress, and more!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The lupus encyclopedia : a comprehensive guide for patients and health care practitioners / Thomas, Donald E.
“In this new, completely updated edition of The Lupus Encyclopedia, Dr. Thomas along with leading experts from around the globe detail everything you need to know about what lupus is and how autoimmune disorders affect the body and mind, the symptoms associated with lupus, what tests are needed to make a lupus diagnosis, how to find a specialist who can provide you with the best care, advice on obtaining the best treatments for your specific symptoms, and lifestyle factors that can help you avoid flare-ups.” (Catalogue)

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