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Psychedelic electronic disco rockers who emerged from the Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society/Pyramid Club scene in 2009 and soon established a cult- like following in New Zealand. Playing house parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, the Spheres built a reputation for musically and visually ecstatic live shows.

‘Jazz Footprints’ interview with Daniel Beban on Ethnomusocolgy, managing FREDs & building instruments for ‘Orchestra Of Spheres’…

Orchestra of Spheres returned in 2013 with their second full-length album, ‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music’, a surreal road-trip through a hyper primal, fuzzed-out, synth laden, garden of Eden. Recorded in Italy in September 2012, in the midst of an epic 70+ gig European tour, this album captures the band as a live, hot, dynamic unit … a futuristic bunga-bunga party band for 22nd century boom-boom cults!!

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David Morrison (Alphabethead from ‘The All Seeing Hand’) talks with fellow sound explorers ‘Orchestra of Spheres’ on their new album ‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music’…

Live at ‘Freds’, Frederick St, Wellington, 2009.

Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Interviews & concert courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

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