Make Time To Make Zines #1

Matchbox and Wellington Zinefest Presents….


Got an idea for a zine, but have just been too tired/busy/distracted to get started? PROCRASTINATE NO MORE.

Make Time to Make Zines#1 is the first of three workshops to get your zines happening. Each session will be two hours for you to work on whatever you want to work on, at whichever stage your zine is at. Stay as long as you like, and work as hard as you like.

We invite all zine-makers to make a time with themselves to sit down and make those zines happen!

We’ve booked the space. We’ve set the dates. We’ll even provide basic stationery, pens, etc. Koha entry for our lovely venue partner, Matchbox Studios.

Bring your lovely selves and zine ideas!

This Friday 11th October, 6-8pm All Welcome



Hey hey!! If you’ve been into central library lately, you may have noticed that our zines have moved – they’re now parked straight in front of the arts, music and literature desk on the first floor!! So we decided it was time to give our display a wee facelift, befitting its sweet new central locale.


We also have some rad new zines:

photo_1Riff Raff no.07, edited by Emily Jane Russell
This zine focuses on supporting and documenting emerging artists in the Waikato.  It is soooo beautifully put together and is full of glorious things – gorgeous pictures and photographs, and this issue also features boutique jewellery, a children’s clothing range and an illustrator, amongst other pretty things. So if you are from the Waikato, or are a crafter, or simply enjoy looking at beautiful, locally-made things – check out this zine!! You will love!

photo_2extra curricular 12, edited by Ellie Smith
The latest edition of extra curricular has just hit my hot little hands and I am in Love!! Yes, with a capital L! Full of the usual extra curricular deliciousness, I recommend you have a (long, slow) read.

Check out the newness!! Also, remember that we accept zine donations. If you have made your own zine and would like to contribute it to the WCL zine collection, drop it off at the arts, music and literature desk at central and we’ll add it to the collection. Promise!

Latest Zines We Love

We have some new zines to share with you! Lovin’ these at the mo:

photo_1.JPGa RIDE Issues 1 – 4 by Word Collective / Outa Here Productions
I encountered Ride for the first time today and it is awesome. Each volume contains a series of sketches of Wellington bus passengers. Along with showing off some serious sketching skill (each drawing must be completed ON THE BUS), it’s also highly entertaining as each volume also includes a snippet of (invariably hilarious) conversation overheard on the bus. A quick read and a recognisable experience for anyone who’s ever been on a Wellington bus.

photo_3.JPGaI Am Very Busy and Important, Issues 1, 2 & 3 by Sophie
This zine is just entertaining. Featuring photographs, interviews, observations, tips, wee stories… entertaining. Read it.



photo_5.JPGaMr Ray’s Grave Thoughts by M Pearson
I love the illustrations in this zine… they kind of remind me of Rug Rats (still a huge fan) and I can totally imagine it as a mini-cartoon all of its own. Mr Ray is also strangely endearing, considering the somewhat grim subject matter. Am hoping there’ll be more to follow this!

photo_2.JPGaNontoxic Housecleaning by Raleigh Briggs
As you may remember, I really love practical zines that help you get stuff done!! This zine is all about making your own products for cleaning the house… genius!! As a natural and cheap alternative to buying commerical products, I’ll def be trying some of these out.

photo_4.JPGaHeartbroken and Horny 1 by Zo Watt
This zine is the diary of a relationship break-up… gritty in some parts and hilarious in others, I think most people will relate to at least one conversation relayed in this zine.

Zines time

Somewhat embarrassingly, this is our first post this year on the zines blog. Hmm. But anyways! Please don’t consider this to be a lack of enthusiam; in fact, quite the opposite! We have been slogging away and have finally finished processing the hoard of sweet local zines we nabbed at the most recent ZineFest. So far, these have been my faves:

Twin Lullaby by Charlotte Forrester
This wee zine is sooo beautifully put together. (Okay, I admit it – am a total sucker for pieces of paper tied together with string. Swoon!) It’s essentially a poem in five verses, and is accompanied by beautiful watercolour art works. There is also a really sweet touch on the final page – check it out.

Not Afraid of Ruins #3 by Nausea Nissenbaum
This zine is a kind of travel diary with a difference. I love hearing people’s travel stories – I especially love hearing about far-flung countries I’ve never ventured to, and possibly never will. If this sounds like your bag, I definitely recommend this zine. You can read about loads of different European locales, and it also has other random bits and pieces, like book recommendations! Get in.

Extra Curricular issue 11, edited by Ellie Smith
I can’t help but continue the Extra Curricular love. It’s just so cool. And pretty! Beautifully put-together. This issue is dedicated to new beginnings, and introduces a host of interesting folk who have, in some way, had exactly that. This issue also has tips for crafters who are pondering starting a business from their hobby or passion. As per, this edition is crammed with other interesting bits and is an exceedingly pleasant way to kill a couple of hours! Tea and cake to accompany, optional.

Nowhere Land by Stolen
As the first page of this zine states, eveything in it is stolen from facebook. While I’m not totally down with the method, I have to say, it has made for a pretty sweet zine! It is entirely made up of images, some kinda banal and some kinda awesome. Definitely worth a flick.

We also have loads of sweet new international zines. I have been enjoying these:

thisisportlandThis is Portland by Alexander Barrett
This zine is fun, and, not surprisingly, is aaaaall about Portland. Loaded with interesting points and things you learn about a city only by living there, it has made me want to visit! With its manky weather, famous food, abundance of coffee and a multitude of bands, it actually sounds kinda similar to Wellington… This may or may not be true… anyone out there that’s travelled both cities and knows? (image supplied by

Barefoot and in the Kitchen by Ashley Rowe
Vegan recipe book! Zine style! What’s not to like? “With an emphasis on demystifying veganism and taking the intimidation out of cooking”, it helps makes cooking easy and way more fun. The Beaver Casablancas recipe is a highlight. (image supplied by

Fix your Clothes by Naleigh Briggs
I love a practical zine (that’s not to say that I dislike impractical ones – keep ’em coming!) and this one is awesome. The cover is super cute, as are the text and the illustrations inside. And best of all, it contains information we all need! Step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear illustrations, you’ll be darning your own socks in no time. Booya! (image supplied by

New zines!

So little time, so many awesome zines. I’m hoping to have a bit more time over the holidays to do some proper zine reading – but for now here are a few zines that I’ve been excited about lately.

play-a-long songbookThe Play-A-Long Songbook: Number One: Wellington by Isobel Cairns, with transcriptions by Mark Turner

Hello this is a great idea! The Play-A-Long songbook (but we’re calling it a zine just because) is a lovingly produced A4 compendium of radness. It compiles lyrics, chords and melodies for five songs from some of Wellington’s best known artists – Disasteradio – Wet Wings – Secret Knives – The Sing Songs (with our very own 2nd floor librarian Jeremy!) – Seth Frightening. Also features awesome drawings by one of our favourite zine authors Isobel Cairns.

extraExtra Curricular (issue 10) edited by Ellie Smith

Merry Christmas! The newest issue of Extra Curricular has hit the zine shelves. Each issue has a theme and issue 10 encourages you to dip your toes into the whole self sufficiency thing. I had a completely lovely time listening to some tunes and browsing through its pages full of stories of regular* type folk creating and doing such inspiring (and yes, self sufficient) things, like – soap making, beer brewing, bread baking, fashion designing, herbal medicine concocting and beekeeping. Beekeeping looks awesome btw, we should so do that! I could live in Extra Curricular. It is good for the soul.

* regular not in a boring way, but in a hey, you can probably maybe one day do this sorta way

christchurch zineChristchurch Post Earthquake Reaction: Zine Expression by Jennifer Holdaway

I’ve been meaning to share this zine since it came across our desks a few months ago. It thoughtfully brings together photographs of the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquake with a few carefully chosen poetic words and phrases. To me these collages really expressed both the sadness and emptiness that must be felt by the Christchurch people but also conveyed a real sense of emerging hope. Simple and heartfelt, this zine also includes a beautiful ‘wrap around’ poem by Jennifer.

Some zines lately….

Hello, it’s been a while but here are some zines I’ve been reading lately.

survival guide to being social 1Epitaph for my heart: a survival guide to being social, number four by amandapandajapanese

Reading this zine, I found myself nodding in agreement several times. The author describes many situations that will be common to the non-social among us and gives some useful advice. The accidental blank (not to be confused with ‘the blank’ – a form of social abuse), selective and deliberate Alzheimer’s (where you are constantly confronted by people who don’t remember your name), inane questions (usually about your love life and usually from relatives) and eyeballing (when a stranger looks you up and down with no indication of approval or civility) are all covered in some detail.

TinkerbellTinkerbell is missing (again): one cat’s tale of adventure by The WaterBear Appreciation Society

From the award winning team behind the Neighbour Cats zine, comes a heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting zine following the journey of local cat Tinkerbell. The story is told through filiers delivered to the author’s letterbox and covers multiple disappearances and reunions spanning years.

powered milk 1Powdered Milk, volume 5 by Keiler Roberts

Keiler Roberts parenting comic is a sweet yet realistic look at life as a new mother. From Microcosm Publishing: “In volume five Keiler navigates the strange and parasitic worlds of depression and insomnia. She also tackles the touchy subject of public breastfeeding and deals with calm-baby-envy at a MCA comics art show. Powdered Milk is a refreshingly candid and oft-times hilarious look at juggling life as a working artist and the increasing demands of motherhood (and the resulting mental strain).” See more of Keiler’s work here.

fieldtripThe Field Trip to Nowhere by E.Rodda

This is a lovely little zine of handwritten thoughts and poetry, accompanied by delicate illustrations. What also struck me was the dedication “This book was written for Zora Patrick. I read her zine at lunch time on the library carpet, it took me faraway from the library carpet and reminded me that making things thoughtfully is a good thing.”

Needless to say we library zine people love this sort of story!

New zines – Carla’s picks

Beloved by e.s. Fletschinger

Beloved is a comic’s zine about a grandpa who has just lost his partner. He’s sad and lonely, and getting used to his new life. This zine is really nice because it feels so real. It is a bit sad, but it does have a happy ending. Make sure you come to the library and check it out. It’s quite touching.

A rough guide to bicycle maintenance.

This is the famous DIY Portland based  zine on how to take care of your bike. The zine introduces you to bike-shop-politics, bike parts identification, how to fix a flat, an intro to the tools you will need, brake basics and further literature on repairs and maintenance. This zine is awesome because it is super useful! If you learn some new tips on how to fix your bike you can save lots of cash.

Obsessive consumption: what did you buy today? by Kate Bingaman Burt.

Kate is a really talented illustrator besides being an obsessive consumer. In this cute little zine you will fine drawings of Kate’s daily new acquisitions. This zine is cute funny. You can check out her drawing style here.

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Zine and Comics Exhibition

banner inet 
You are warmly invited to the opening for Comics Generation at Thistle Hall (corner of Cuba annd Arthur Streets) on Tuesday 27 March at 5.30
Esther Galloway cover The Princess and the WildsComics Theo MacDonaldPresenting comics and zines by six young Wellington artists/writers, Comics Generation showcases the exciting work produced by children and young people using the immediacy of self publishing to create and distribute their own media.Ranging in age from five to 17, and using a variety of methods and approaches to visual story telling, the artists have been brought togther for this exhibition in recognition of their independent acheivements in comic book and zine creation.Original art work and work in progress will be shown along with finished comics and zines available for purchase. 
Zora Patrick cover Animalz #1In conjunction with the exhibition two workshops will be held to engage children in creating their own characters and making zines and comic book stories. These will occur Saturday 31 March and be presented by experienced tutors, with one freestyle workshop suitable for all ages, and a second focused on story and character development for older children. Workshop numbers are limited, to reserve a place please contact Paul Sanders at For other enquires contact Claire Harris at
Also make sure to come and check out some of the zines by this talented group in the Central Library zine collection!
Comics Joel Spencer
Comics Michael Sanders

New Zines!

Whew! we have FINALLY finished processing the more than 100 zines we bought this year at the Wellington Zinefest. They are mainly titles from local zine authors/artists – and as usual, cover all subjects imaginable!  (Do-it-yourself, arts, political ones, funny ones, comics etc…)

They make for great summer reading, so please come into the Central Library and check them out!

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