Tiny humans, big emotions: New parenting books

Whether you’re parenting a tiny human, or a tween or teen — or even an emerging adult — there are books that can support you as you go. Have a browse of the latest parenting books below, or head to our catalogue for the topic that interests you!

What’s my tween thinking? : practical child psychology for modern parents / Carey, Tanith
“Parenting just got tougher. As your child’s brain rewires, hormones kick in, and independence beckons, a perfect storm for family conflict emerges. But help is at hand. Divided into two sections – aged 8 to 10 and aged 10 to 12 – this practical parenting book is grounded in evidence-based psychology, exploring the science at work during this period of your child’s development.” (Catalogue)

When life sucks : parenting your teen through tough times / Prendergast, Jo
When Life Sucks is an essential guide to supporting your teen’s mental health. As a parent and psychiatrist, Dr Jo knows how hard it can be – especially if a teen communicates only in eye rolls and grunts! Covering everything from anxiety, depression, trauma and eating difficulties, to understanding neurodivergence and gender identity, this book is a first-aid manual for some of life’s toughest challenges. It’s not easy being a parent in a world of TikTok and bubblegum-flavoured vapes, but When Life Sucks gives you the practical tools to help make your life a little lighter and to support your teen towards a healthy headspace.” (Catalogue)

The mediatrician’s guide : a joyful approach to raising healthy, smart, kind kids in a screen-saturated world / Rich, Michael
“Dr. Michael Rich, dubbed the ‘Mediatrician’ thanks to his acclaimed work as a pediatrician, child health researcher, and children’s media specialist, offers a science-backed approach to give parents the confidence they need to raise a child well (and to raise a well child) in the digital age.” (Catalogue)

Tiny humans, big emotions : how to navigate tantrums, meltdowns, and defiance to raise emotionally Intelligent children / Campbell, Alyssa Blask
“Emotional development experts Alyssa Blask Campbell, M.Ed. and Lauren Stauble M.S. are at the forefront of a movement to foster little ones’ emotional intelligence. Their revolutionary Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method has been a game changer for parents and educators, and now they are sharing it with readers in this indispensable guide.” (Catalogue)

Little people big feelings / Muir, Gen
“Parenting educator and mother-of-four Gen Muir has helped thousands of families to navigate strong emotions and challenging behaviour in young kids. In Little People, Big Feelings, she shares her tried-and-tested techniques that work to build genuine connection, establish effective boundaries and develop emotional resilience that will last a lifetime. Reassuring, compassionate and relatable, this book will help you through some of the most difficult moments of parenting – public meltdowns, bedtime struggles, school refusal, sibling rivalry – without losing your own mind or quashing your child’s spirit.” (Catalogue)

Breastfeeding and the fourth trimester : a supportive, expert guide to the first three months / Webber, Lucy
“The essential, gentle guide to breastfeeding in the fourth trimester – whatever that looks like for you. Have you recently had a baby, and feel like you’re on a rollercoaster looking for answers? Are you pregnant, and wondering what life is really going to be like post-birth? Perhaps you’re a partner, family member or friend who is helping to care for new parents. Written by an expert lactation consultant, Breastfeeding and the Fourth Trimester will give you all the information you need, explaining the methods, tips, and tricks that accompany breastfeeding – alongside abundant reassurance.” (Catalogue)

Love your kids without losing yourself : 5 steps to banish guilt and beat burnout when you already have too much to do / Cutlip, Morgan
“Relationship expert and counselor Dr. Morgan Cutlip equips mothers with five simple steps for combating the chaos of motherhood, defeating feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and deeply loving their kids without neglecting or losing themselves” (Catalogue)

You and your adult child : how to grow together in challenging times / Steinberg, Laurence D.
“A much-needed guide for parents of people in their twenties and thirties from one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists. Your child is now an adult, but your job as a parent is far from over. Instead, your role must evolve to meet their ongoing, changing needs. But what exactly are these new needs? And why are they so different now than they were when you were a young adult? This is the first comprehensive guide written for parents whose children are in two of the most crucial decades of life.” (Catalogue)

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