Healthy Made Simple: New Health Books in the Collection

It’s very easy for the doldrums to set in when February hits, so what better time to think about learning how to be more healthy.  Healthy eating, exercise, taking care of your mental health, looking after babies and children and living with chronic illness are all included in this month’s new health titles in the collection.  Take a look at these we’ve selected for you:

Healthy made simple : delicious, plant-based recipes, ready in 30 minutes or less / Mills, Ella
“What can you do today that makes life simpler tomorrow? How can you create a healthy, genuinely delicious meal in minutes? There’s no denying the challenge or the pressure to continuously look after your wellbeing, carve out time to exercise, manage your stress, cook healthy meals, get enough sleep and make time for your friends, all while juggling life’s other many demands! Ella wants to make eating well every day a joy, and in Healthy Made Simple she gives you the tools you need to unlock a healthier life.” (Provided by publisher)

How to wild swim : what to know before taking the plunge / Foote, Ella
” Whether you want to explore remote beaches and mountain lochs, improve your confidence in open water, refine your swimming technique, or have a race or long-distance swim challenge coming up, How to Wild Swim offers the perfect practical foundation to help you find your perfect adventure and achieve your goal. This body conditioning sport is praised for not only making us stronger and healthier but also happier too. So no matter what your goal–short wild swims and weekend breaks, to full adventure swimming expeditions and off-grid vacations–dive right in and submerge yourself in this wild, watery, fearless book.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Change your brain every day : simple daily practices to strengthen your mind, memory, moods, focus, energy, habits, and relationships / Amen, Daniel G
“In Change Your Brain Every Day psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist Daniel Amen, MD, draws on over 40 years’ clinical practice with tens of thousands of patients to give you the most effective daily habits he has seen that can help you improve your brain, master your mind, boost your memory, and make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to those you love.” (Catalogue)

Chronic pain reset : 30 days of activities, practices and skills to help you thrive / Hassett, Afton L
“An indispensable guide to the key role your brain plays in processing chronic pain, and the small, simple actions that can make profound changes in how you experience it.” (Catalogue)



Let them eat dirt : homemade baby food to nourish your family / Bemis, Andrea
“Take charge of your children’s health with these delicious, nutrient-dense recipes designed to nourish your little ones. Sorted by the ages and stages of early childhood, these 60 incredible recipes from Andrea Bemis – organic farmer, mother and creator of the popular blog Dishing Up the Dirt-will help you navigate which foods are safe to feed your kids and master the tricky business of introducing solids into your children’s diet.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The foot book : the complete guide to caring for your feet and ankles / Rose, Jonathan D.
“Two leading experts walk you through everything you need to know about how to take care of your foot, ankle, and toenails and handle problems that may come up. This book provides guidance on how to recognize and care for issues, including medications, exercises, inserts (orthotics), and surgery.” (Catalogue)


The menopause reset : get rid of your symptoms and feel like your younger self again / Pelz, Mindy
“Are you struggling through your menopausal years? You’re not alone. While every woman goes through the inevitable effects of shifting hormones–irritable moods, unexplained anxiety, trouble retrieving words, hot flashes–you do not have to suffer. In fact, nutrition and functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Mindy Pelz has helped thousands of women just like you to reset their health during their turbulent menopausal years.” (Catalogue)

Unshrinking : how to fight fatphobia / Manne, Kate
“Blending intimate stories with trenchant analysis, Manne shows why fatphobia matters, now more than ever. Here she examines how anti-fatness operates – how it leads us to make devastating assumptions about a person’s attractiveness, fortitude and intellect, and how it intersects with other systems of oppression. Fatphobia is responsible for wage gaps, medical neglect and poor educational outcomes. In this urgent call to action, Manne proposes a new politics of ‘body reflexivity’ – a radical re-evaluation of who our bodies exist in the world for: ourselves and no one else.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Fertility rules : the definitive guide to male and female reproductive health / Schrock, Leslie
“Leslie Schrock is back with the first preconception guide for both male and female fertility. Based on cutting-edge science, Fertility Rules offers a holistic plan for every age and stage of the process, whether you’re planning to conceive or in the throes. Unlike some other fertility books, it also includes practical content tailored to help the mental health of prospective parents.” (Catalogue)

How we age : the science of longevity / Murphy, Coleen
” Understanding the fundamental biological rules that govern aging in model systems provides clues about how we might slow human aging, which could lead in turn to new therapeutics and treatments for age-related disease. Written with clarity and wit, How We Age provides a guide to the science: what we know about aging, how we know what we know, and what we can do with this new knowledge.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Breastfeeding and the fourth trimester : a supportive, expert guide to the first three months / Webber, Lucy
“The essential, gentle guide to breastfeeding in the fourth trimester – whatever that looks like for you. Have you recently had a baby, and feel like you’re on a rollercoaster looking for answers? Are you pregnant, and wondering what life is really going to be like post-birth? Perhaps you’re a partner, family member or friend who is helping to care for new parents. Written by an expert lactation consultant, Breastfeeding and the Fourth Trimester will give you all the information you need, explaining the methods, tips, and tricks that accompany breastfeeding – alongside abundant reassurance. Woven through with case studies and real parent stories, and advice on troubleshooting for every stage, this book is the ideal companion for those first few whirlwind months of life with a newborn.” (Catalogue)

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