What was made: New books on ceramics and upcycling

Are you looking to get into ceramics? This list features a lot of pottery as we look at what gets made, remade and how what we make matters. Some books provide historical examples, while some provide expertise that might inspire your next creation.

Ceramics : an atlas of forms / Barkley, Glen
“What can we learn about the Roman empire from an amphora made in 200 BC? How can a simple, unadorned cup made in 1945 tell us so much about history? And what will an artwork comprising a vast collection of clay spheres tell our descendants about the act of making? Once fired, clay has the strength to last for millennia. This collection shares the stories of over 100 objects, honouring the artists who have left their mark on this timeless practice”–Publisher’s description.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The art of upcycling : creative ways to make something beautiful out of trash, thrifted finds and everyday recyclables / Foss, Emma
“Discover a trove of upcycling ideas and inspiration, with this collection of projects from upcycling influencer Emma Foss. She shares detailed, step-by-step tutorials to teach you essential upcycling techniques so you can create something out of nothing. Through these creative projects, you’ll develop skills in basic woodworking, reupholstery, painting, papier-mâché and so much more.” ( Adapted fromCatalogue)

By my hands : a potter’s apprenticeship / Gadsby, Florian
“In By My Hands, Florian tells the story of his artistic awakening, his education in England, Ireland and Japan, and of the sheer discipline which has led him to become the cultural sensation he is today. Arguing for the value in dedicating yourself to a craft, Florian weaves anecdotes about particular pots and processes into the narrative of his life, exploring what he has learnt from specific pieces he was taught to throw during his apprenticeships and how they have informed his philosophy and approach to his work.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Falling rocket : James Whistler, John Ruskin, and the battle for modern art / Murphy, Paul Thomas
“In November 1878, America’s greatest painter sued England’s greatest critic for a bad review. The painter won–but ruined himself in the process. For these two protagonists, Whistler v Ruskin was the battle of a lifetime–or more accurately, a battle of their two lifetimes. Paul Thomas Murphy’s Falling Rocket also recounts James Whistler’s turbulent but triumphant development from artistic oblivion in the 1880s to artistic deification in the 1890s, and also Ruskin’s isolated, befogged, silent final years after his public humiliation” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The potter’s way : heal your mind and unleash your creativity through the power of clay / St. George, Florence
“In The Potter’s Way, Florence shares her tips on how to get started on your own pottery journey, from hand-building pinch pots to throwing large-scale vessels on the wheel. This captivating book invites us all to slow down, reflect and experience the transformative power of creativity. ‘I have found nothing outside myself that can truly fill the void, but this book demonstrates that pottery is about as close as it gets.’ NICK LOVE ‘” (Adapted from Catalogue)

New shelters : sustainable building systems
“When architecture understands the place, it tries to take care of the landscape, limiting the footprint of its intervention. This practice seeks to transform mechanisms of conventional architecture, incorporating materials focused on sustainability, ensuring the needs of the environment and taking into account climatic factors, renewable energies or new technologies.” (Catalogue)

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