Different Eras; Different Worlds: New Graphic Novels

Our new graphic novels are going to ignite your imagination and transport you to different eras and different realms. Travel from 1950s Korea, in The Naked Tree, to small town, Ohio in the 1980s in Specs. Dance with Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground in All Tomorrow’s Parties or charge into battle with the flamboyant Baron von Steuben in Washington’s Gay General. Check out some of our new titles below:

Specs / Booher, David
“Small town. Ohio, 1986. All Kenny and Ted want is to not feel like outcasts. What happens when a pair of X-ray glasses mysteriously appear? The magic specs open a world of possibilities for these misfit teens through the granting of literal wishes! Things start out innocent, but when they wish that their bully would disappear, things take a cursed turn, with far darker consequences than they thought possible.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The naked tree / Gendry-Kim, Keum Suk | eBook available
“The year is 1951. Twenty-year-old wallflower Lee Kyung ekes out a living at the US Post Exchange. She peddles hand-painted portraits on silk handkerchiefs to soldiers passing through. When a handsome young northern escapee and erstwhile fine artist is hired despite waning demand, an unlikely friendship blossoms into a young woman’s first brush with desire against the backdrop of the Korean War at its most devastating.” (Catalogue)

Washington’s gay general : the legends and loves of Baron von Steuben / Trujillo, Josh
“One of the most important, military leaders of the American Revolution, Baron von Steuben, brought knowledge to the ill-prepared Continental Army. Von Steuben was also, by all accounts, a flamboyant homosexual in an era when the term didn’t even exist. Trujillo impart both the intricacies of queer history and the importance of telling stories that highlight queer experiences.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

All tomorrow’s parties : the Velvet Underground story / Shadmi, Koren
“An examination of some of New York rock’n’roll’s most iconic figures – The Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol – and the relationship that distorted their lives and changed pop culture. Explore the story behind the group NYT called “arguably the most influential American rock band of our time,” through good times and bad, as captured by Eisner-nominated Koren Shadmi.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Swamp Thing : green hell / Lemire, Jeff
“The Earth is all but done. The Parliaments of the Green, the Red, and the Rot have united their powers to summon one of the most horrific monsters to ever stalk this forsaken planet. Against a creature like that, there can be no fighting back unless you have a soldier who understands the enemy. Someone who has used its tactics before. Someone like Alec Holland. Of course, it would help if Alec Holland hadn’t been dead for decades.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Okinawa / Higa, Susumu
“Okinawa brings together two collections of intertwined stories by the island’s pre-eminent mangaka, Susumu Higa. The first collection, is a ground level, unflinching look at the horrors of the Battle of Okinawa. Higa then explores how the American occupation has irreversibly changed the island prefecture, through the lens of the archipelago’s indigenous spirituality and the central character of the yuta priestess.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Totem / Pérez Granell, Laura
“A mosaic of experiences, Totem offers tantalizing glimpses of characters on their own journeys connected by some ethereal thread. The narrative slips through time and space, delicately drifting from reality to different states of consciousness. Pérez presents an entrancing, contemporary vision of magic and mystery, aptly rendered through her wispy, atmospheric pencil lines.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

A guest in the house / Carroll, Emily
“After many lonely years, Abby’s just gotten married. She met her new husband, when he arrived in town with his young daughter. Abby starts to wonder was her new husbands first wife’s death really by natural causes? As Abby sinks deeper into confusion, Sheila’s memory seems to become a force all its own, ensnaring Abby in a mystery that leaves her obsessed, fascinated, and desperately in love for the first time in her life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)