New Book by Daniel Clowes: Recent graphic novels

Daniel Clowes is one of the great alternative comic book writers of all time, with titles such as Ghost World and Like a velvet glove cast in iron. He has returned after 7 years with a new book called Monica, about a woman searching for her freewheelin’ parents who abandoned her when she was a child. If Daniel Clowes is not your thing, we also have a great selection of other new graphic novels such as a new Hellboy title and a memoir by Ai Weiwei.

If you love comics and graphic novels, don’t miss ComicFest on 4th May at the National Library! It will be a fun day of workshops, talks, comic giveaways, and live drawing with some incredible artists!

Monica / Clowes, Daniel
“A dazzling, spectacular tapestry of interconnected narratives that together tell a life story. After being abandoned by her freewheelin’ parents in childhood, succeeds in clawing her way to the top – only to lose it all in a stroke of bad luck. She lives out the rest of her days in search of her parents, encountering a cast of eccentric characters who help to piece together her story. Mysterious, uncategorisable and quintessentially Clowesian, here is a multi-layered masterpiece born of a lifetime of inspiration.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Zodiac : a graphic memoir / Ai, Weiwei | ebook available
“Ai Weiwei and Italian comic artist Gianluca Costantini present Zodiac, Ai Weiwei’s first graphic memoir. Inspired by the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, Ai Weiwei masterfully interweaves ancient Chinese folklore with stories of his life, family, and career. They will find not only a personal history of Ai Weiwei and an examination of the sociopolitical climate in which he makes his art, but a philosophical exploration of what it means to find oneself through art and freedom of expression.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Hellboy in love / Mignola, Michael
“Ghosts, ghouls… girlfriends? Love blooms between Hellboy and archaeologist Anastasia Bransfield – when they aren’t busy chasing goblins through the UK, fighting shadow ghosts in Turkey, and investigating film sets haunted by unsettled spirits in India, that is! This volume collects three stories of Hellboy and Anastasia’s misadventures, plus bonus material!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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Illustrated Lives: Biographies and Memoirs in Graphic Novel Form

If you have never read a graphic novel – maybe because you find yourself reluctant to pick one up or assume that they’re all superhero stories or just for kids – perhaps an illustrated biography or memoir might tempt you to give them a try. Illustrated biographies are a very popular genre and there are plenty of them to get into. Perhaps you could give one or two of these suggestions a go?

Johnny Cash : I see a darkness : a graphic novel / Kleist, Reinhard
“Cash was a 17-time Grammy winner who sold more than 90 million albums in his lifetime and became an icon of American music in the 20th century. Graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist depicts Johnny Cash’s eventful life from his early sessions with Elvis Presley (1956), through the concert in Folsom Prison (1968), his spectacular comeback in the 1990s, and the final years before his death on September 12, 2003.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

It’s lonely at the centre of the Earth : an auto-bio-graphic-novel / Thorogood, Zoe
“The 2023 Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award winning cartoonist, Zoe Thorogood, records six months of her own life as it falls apart in a desperate attempt to put it back together again in the only way she knows how. It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth is an intimate and meta-narrative look into the life of a selfish artist who must create for her own survival. A poignant and original depiction of a young woman’s struggle with mental health–through the ups and downs of anxiety, depression, and imposter syndrome–as she forges a promising career in sequential art and finds herself along the way.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Andre the Giant : closer to heaven / Easton, Brandon M.
“He was called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and became an inspiration for millions of wrestling fans all over the globe. While his in-ring exploits were full of flash and spectacle, the personal life of Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff was complicated by an excess of partying and the devastating physical toll of his deteriorating health. This graphic novel biography explores the bookmarks of Andre’s story.” (Catalogue)

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Fables, Haruki Murakami and office jobs in space: New graphic novels

Fables, Haruki Murakami and office jobs in space. This month’s new graphic novels have a wide range of stories for you to enjoy. From the darker things in life to funny light-hearted stories, the variety in graphic novels is endless. Check out some of our new graphic novels and see where they take you!

The mysteries / Watterson, Bill
“In a fable for grown-ups, a long-ago kingdom is afflicted with unexplainable calamities. Hoping to end the torment, the king dispatches his knights to discover the source of the mysterious events. Years later, a single battered knight returns. From Watterson and Kascht comes a mysterious and beautifully illustrated fable about what lies beyond human understanding.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Haruki Murakami manga stories / Deveney, Jean-Christophe | eBook available for Haruki Murakami manga stories
“Haruki Murakami’s novels, essays and short stories have sold millions of copies worldwide and been translated into dozens of languages. Now for the first time, many of Murakami’s best-loved short stories are available in graphic novel form in English. With their trademark mix of realism and fantasy, centering around Murakami’s characteristic themes of loss, remorse and confusion.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Space job / Goodman, David A.
“Each day is an exciting new adventure in incompetence aboard the Bush. The Captain with self-centered priorities spends more time on space eBay than in command, the Chief Engineer can’t even fix a chair, the Operations Officer would rather be anywhere else, and the Communications Officer only seems to take personal calls. It’s a wonder they get anything done at all, but surely they can handle a simple cargo run. What could go wrong?” (Catalogue)

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Different Eras; Different Worlds: New Graphic Novels

Our new graphic novels are going to ignite your imagination and transport you to different eras and different realms. Travel from 1950s Korea, in The Naked Tree, to small town, Ohio in the 1980s in Specs. Dance with Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground in All Tomorrow’s Parties or charge into battle with the flamboyant Baron von Steuben in Washington’s Gay General. Check out some of our new titles below:

Specs / Booher, David
“Small town. Ohio, 1986. All Kenny and Ted want is to not feel like outcasts. What happens when a pair of X-ray glasses mysteriously appear? The magic specs open a world of possibilities for these misfit teens through the granting of literal wishes! Things start out innocent, but when they wish that their bully would disappear, things take a cursed turn, with far darker consequences than they thought possible.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The naked tree / Gendry-Kim, Keum Suk | eBook available
“The year is 1951. Twenty-year-old wallflower Lee Kyung ekes out a living at the US Post Exchange. She peddles hand-painted portraits on silk handkerchiefs to soldiers passing through. When a handsome young northern escapee and erstwhile fine artist is hired despite waning demand, an unlikely friendship blossoms into a young woman’s first brush with desire against the backdrop of the Korean War at its most devastating.” (Catalogue)

Washington’s gay general : the legends and loves of Baron von Steuben / Trujillo, Josh
“One of the most important, military leaders of the American Revolution, Baron von Steuben, brought knowledge to the ill-prepared Continental Army. Von Steuben was also, by all accounts, a flamboyant homosexual in an era when the term didn’t even exist. Trujillo impart both the intricacies of queer history and the importance of telling stories that highlight queer experiences.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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Pushing the boundaries of biographies: Recent graphic novels

Graphic novels come in all genres and topics and a popular genre is the biography, with some all-time great books like Persepolis and MausIn our recent picks we have a few new biographical graphic novels. We have The Buildings are Barking where Bill Griffith processes the loss of his wife; we have Dear Mini an autobiographical memoir about the writer’s teenage years; and if you want something more peculiar try The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell, where the author Eddie Campbell pushes the boundaries of what an autobiography can be. If biographies aren’t your cup of tea, there are lots of other great graphic novels to choose from our recent picks!

The buildings are barking : Diane Noomin in memoriam / Griffith, Bill
“After fifty years together, Diane Noomin’s death left her husband Bill Griffith alone. He processed her death by doing the same thing he did every day of their shared life: comics.” (Catalogue)

Dear Mini : a graphic memoir. Book one / Norris, Natalie
“This debut graphic memoir, is a bittersweet coming of age story that chronicles the author’s teenage experiences with sexual assault, PTSD, and resiliency. Dear Mini is not a cautionary tale, however, it is a vivid depiction of adolescent agency in the face of trauma. Norris’s spirited and free-flowing page designs and full colour cartooning bring her frank voice and personality to life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The second fake death of Eddie Campbell ; The fate of the artist / Campbell, Eddie
“Eddie Campbell is not himself. But these days, who is? It’s meta-fictional mystery and mischief as the award-winning artist of From Hell sets out to find his own imposter. Plus, on the flipside- a deluxe new presentation of The Fate of the Artist, Eddie Campbell’s classic work of graphic meta-memoir!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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Get Back into Reading with These New Graphic Novels

Getting back into reading can be hard, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Graphic novels can be a perfect starting point! They bring so much to the table – any genre you want, beautiful artwork and page turning stories. To top it off, they can be a quicker read than your average book! Check out this month’s recent picks to jumpstart your reading journey.

The Jewish deli : an illustrated guide to the chosen food / Nadler, Ben
“A visual treat, this accessible and informative nonfiction graphic novel delivers stories of tradition and innovation, celebrations of iconic menu staples, flavor profiles, food preparations, ordering advice, spotlights on legendary and up-and-coming delis, and much more.” (Catalogue)

Soichi : Junji Ito story collection / Itō, Junji
“Whether it’s summer holidays or a birthday party, Soichi can turn any occasion into a nightmare in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, tormented by his little brother’s never-ending pranks, older brother Koichi has a soundproof room built. And then there’s the strange phenomenon surrounding the handmade casket their grandfather left behind. Ten tales that celebrate the sinister and hilarious world of Junji Ito’s favorite antihero, Soichi!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Listen, beautiful Márcia / Quintanilha, Marcello
“Listen, Beautiful Márcia is a gripping story about a family pushed to the brink. Listen, Beautiful Márcia is a fast-paced, flamboyantly colorful new graphic novel by one of the most important Brazilian graphic novelists working today. Marcello Quintanilha’s first English-language graphic novel is a tour de force — a tightly wound drama filled with masterful suspense and a deep love for family and character.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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