Get Back into Reading with These New Graphic Novels

Getting back into reading can be hard, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Graphic novels can be a perfect starting point! They bring so much to the table – any genre you want, beautiful artwork and page turning stories. To top it off, they can be a quicker read than your average book! Check out this month’s recent picks to jumpstart your reading journey.

The Jewish deli : an illustrated guide to the chosen food / Nadler, Ben
“A visual treat, this accessible and informative nonfiction graphic novel delivers stories of tradition and innovation, celebrations of iconic menu staples, flavor profiles, food preparations, ordering advice, spotlights on legendary and up-and-coming delis, and much more.” (Catalogue)

Soichi : Junji Ito story collection / Itō, Junji
“Whether it’s summer holidays or a birthday party, Soichi can turn any occasion into a nightmare in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, tormented by his little brother’s never-ending pranks, older brother Koichi has a soundproof room built. And then there’s the strange phenomenon surrounding the handmade casket their grandfather left behind. Ten tales that celebrate the sinister and hilarious world of Junji Ito’s favorite antihero, Soichi!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Listen, beautiful Márcia / Quintanilha, Marcello
“Listen, Beautiful Márcia is a gripping story about a family pushed to the brink. Listen, Beautiful Márcia is a fast-paced, flamboyantly colorful new graphic novel by one of the most important Brazilian graphic novelists working today. Marcello Quintanilha’s first English-language graphic novel is a tour de force — a tightly wound drama filled with masterful suspense and a deep love for family and character.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Turning Japanese / MariNaomi
“The year is 1995. Fresh out of a long-term relationship, twenty-two-year old MariNaomi finds herself amidst a flurry of major life changes.  Turning Japanese follows Mari from Northern California to Tokyo, Japan, as she tries to get by in an unfamiliar city with rudimentary language skills – all in the hopes of finally connecting with her Japanese relatives without the use of her mother as a translator.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Batman : one bad day : the Riddler : dreadful reins / King, Tom
“The most dangerous game of wits Batman and Riddler have ever played… The Riddler is always playing a game, there are always rules. But what happens when The Riddler kills someone in broad daylight for seemingly no reason? No game to play. No cypher to breakdown. Batman will reach his wit’s end trying to figure out the Riddler’s true motivation in this incredible thriller!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Alison / Stewart, Lizzy | eBook
“This graphic novel chronicles the fictional life story of Alison Porter, whose talent as a painter blossoms in bohemian 1970s London. British illustrator and author Lizzy Stewart crafts a graphic novel that evokes the atmospheric milieu of bohemian London in the late 20th century, while at the same time exploring the more universal struggles of women who must navigate male-dominated spaces.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Gospel / Morris, Will
“When opportunity refuses to knock for restless hero Matilde, the devil comes knocking instead. Thrust into action by the hellish arrival, Matilde and storyteller Pitt will quest for renown, the soul of their community and answers to the toughest question of all: ‘who am I?’ Inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki and set in the chaos of King Henry VIII’s reign, GOSPEL is a thrilling fantasy adventure that explores the truth behind the stories we tell.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Castle full of blackbirds / Mignola, Michael
“Sara May Blackburn has always been an odd girl. Plagued by mysterious powers her whole life, Sara heads to New York to seek Miss Brook at the Linton School for Girls in search of answers. But the school is shrouded in strangeness, and the more secrets Sara discovers, the more dangerous and challenging her studies become, culminating in a confrontation that could destroy Sara, the school… or both.” (Catalogue)