Life is a Journey, not a Destination

Are you planning your next holiday or just want to live vicariously through those traveling the world? This month’s new travel books will inspire us to think about not only the destination but the journey as well. Maybe catch a train, go on a pilgrimage or even follow in Paddington Bear’s footsteps. The journey can often be where we have some of the best experiences and encounter the unexpected!

The slow traveller : an intentional path to mindful adventures / Tinsley, Jo
“The Slow Traveller is a stunning guide to slow travel filled with evocative naturescapes, practical travelling tips and inspirational photography. Exploring different types of destinations and modes of travels, this ultimate aspirational travel guide encourages readers to allow themselves to be guided by curiosity and chance encounters, and find new ways to connect with others and with ourselves.”-Publisher’s description.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

All aboard : the complete North American train travel guide / Loomis, Jim
“It’s about the journey, not the destination. Written for both veteran train travelers and those considering their first rail journey, it will keep any trip on track with its insightful travel trips and information about how North American railroads operate. All Aboard is the ultimate guide to American train travel and its unique history and culture.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The movie lover’s guide to London / Booth, Charlotte
“London is a magical place which has intrigued people for more than 2,000 years, and never is this more apparent than in the past 130 years following the invention of the moving image. Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Paddington, James Bond and Dorian Gray? This book will have something for everyone and will show you London in a new, sparkling, glamourous light.”–Provided by publisher.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The twenty : one woman’s trek across Corsica on the GR20 / Bohr, Marianne C
“Marianne Bohr and her husband, about to turn sixty, are restless for adventure. They decide on an extended, desolate trek across the French island of Corsica—the GR20, Europe’s toughest long-distance footpath—to challenge what it means to grow old. The Twenty is a journey across a rugged island of stunning beauty little known outside Europe.”– Provided by publisher.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Poacher’s pilgrimage : a journey into land and sea / McIntosh, Alastair
“The islands of the Outer Hebrides are home to some of the most remote and spectacular scenery in the world. Over a twelve-day pilgrimage, Alastair McIntosh returns to the islands of his childhood and explores the meaning of these places. This is a moving book, a powerful reflection not simply of this extraordinary place and its people met along the way, but of imaginative hope for humankind.”–Publisher description.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Walking with nomads : one woman’s adventures through a hidden world from the Sahara to the Atlas Mountains / Morrison, Alice
“Accompanied only by three Amazigh Muslim men and their camels, Scottish explorer Alice Morrison set off to find a hidden world. Walking with Nomads reveals the transformative richness of the desert and the mountains, providing a total escape from everyday concerns, but it also shows how the ancient world of the nomad is under threat as never before.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Finding Hildasay : how one man walked the UK’s coastline and found hope and happiness / Lewis, Christian
“Finding Hildasay is the life-affirming story of Chris Lewis’ epic journey around Britain’s coastline as he battles depression and rebuilds his life.” (Catalogue)

Rather splendid London walks : quirky and informative walks through the world’s greatest capital city / McDonnell, Julian
“Join Joolz himself on 20 spiffing walks around the city, picking out the top sights, sounds and secret features that you wouldn’t spot without an expert guide on hand. From Bethnal Green to Brixton, Holland Park to Highgate, and Tottenham to Temple, Joolz Guides unveils the hidden gems and fantastic follies around every corner of the metropolis”–Publisher’s description.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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