Making Meaningful Change: New personal growth books

To make powerful change in life, it needs to come from a well-informed place grounded in reality and emotion, and address root causes. The following new books help us to do so, paving the way for transformation, growth and healing.

Dark PR: How corporate disinformation undermines our health and the environment / Ennis, Grant
“Slogans like “Think global, act local!” and “Be the change you want to see in the world!” resonate with many. Corporations often hijack these powerful narratives to shift responsibility onto individuals, so they perceive them as a matter of “personal choice”. Ennis exposes how multinationals manipulate and deceive us using frames like denialism and victim-blaming, to divert attention from the real causes of global and systemic problems. Ethical consumerism and divestment are not effective solutions. Only by collectively lobbying our governments can we break this cycle and regain control of our lives.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Out of the Woods: A tale of positivity, kindness and courage / Griffin, Betsy
“In this deeply moving and inspirational fable, Betsy Griffin teaches us how to face our struggles with courage and determination, and shares powerful lessons about positivity, kindness and hope. With wise advice from woodland creatures along the way, Betsy takes it upon herself to change her outlook on the world as she finds her way home. Despite her young age, Betsy’s wisdom will inspire readers of all ages, showing us that anything is possible.” (Adapted from dust jacket and catalogue)

Psychonauts: Drugs and the making of the modern mind / Jay, Mike
“Before the 20th century, scientists experimented on themselves to study the effects of drugs on the mind, leading to insights in many of the sciences and inspiring many others in the process. After 1900, drugs were increasingly seen as a social problem and self-experimentation became rarer. Mike Jay’s book recovers this lost tradition which influenced the birth of psychology, the discovery of the unconscious, and the emergence of modernism. Today, as we experiment with cognitive enhancers and psychedelics, it is important to revisit the experiments of the original psychonauts to understand the deep and lasting impact of mind-altering drugs on Western science, philosophy, and culture.” (Adapted from dust jacket and catalogue)

Resilient Grieving: How to find your way through devastating loss / Hone, Lucy
“In this new updated edition of Resilient Grieving, Dr Lucy Hone (who lost her daughter at only 12 years old) discusses grief and surviving tragic loss. Lucy is transforming the grief landscape by sharing better ways to grieve. ‘If you are sick of feeling helpless and desperate to restore some hope and control, then I wrote this book to show you how. While I cannot remove all the pain of loss, this book shares everything I’ve learned to help you live and grieve at the same time.'” (Adapted from catalogue)

The Ruthless Critique of Everything Existing: Nature and revolution in Marcuse’s philosophy of Praxis / Feenberg, Andrew
“In the late 1960s, philosopher Herbert Marcuse gained global recognition for his books ‘Eros and Civilization’ and ‘One-Dimensional Man’. His works influenced the New Left movement of the 1960s and 70s, which sought to combat imperialism, discrimination, and environmental destruction. Marcuse’s Marxism was shaped by Husserl, Heidegger, Hegel, and Freud. He criticized conformist experiences and believed that a socialist revolution was necessary to liberate nature and humans from the destructive effects of advanced capitalism. Marcuse’s work remains relevant today in the fight against climate change.” (Adapted from catalogue)

The Well-Lived Life: A 102-year-old doctor’s six secrets to health and happiness at every age / McGarey, Gladys
“Dr. Gladys McGarey, a centenarian doctor and mother of holistic medicine, shares secrets for a long, joyful, and purpose-driven life. She talks about embracing life, moving towards healing, finding purpose, building a meaningful community, learning from pain, and loving oneself and others. Her inspiring voice shares her stories and wisdom, from her childhood in India to her survival of heartbreak and illness. At over 100 years old, she inspires a healthier and more joyful future for all.” (Adapted from catalogue)

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