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In 2002, Lower Hutt native Timothy Blackman relocated to Dunedin where by day he studied geography and environmental planning. By night he would write, record and perform introspective and often isolated pop songs inspired by artists such as Daniel Johnston, Jandek, Elliot Smith, Smog, Johanna Newsom, Neil Young and Sufjan Stevens.

Timothy Blackman’s first solo release came as a result of a reclusive two-week period in 2006 in which ‘Giraffes, Wharves And Sinking Sand’ was written, recorded and released. The album was described as “scratchy acoustic brilliance” (Salient) and “promising” (Pavement) with the track, ‘Pigeon In The Vampire’ spending 8 weeks on the Radio One top 11. This success saw Tim invited to play at the Bnet Live to Airs and perform on Dunedin’s own Channel 9 for May Music Month celebrations.

However, since his solo projects began in 2006 Blackman has also operated from Dunedin, Auckland, Berlin (Germany), Portland, Oregon (USA) and Melbourne (Australia), and released four albums (two EP’s and two LP’s) on the Home Alone Music label. ‘I’ve Never Lived’ was recorded in his East Berlin apartment in December 2009 with Tom O’Halloran, and recent releases include the EP ‘This Country’ (produced by Lake of Urbantramper) in 2013, and 2014’s ‘Something’.

He currently runs the Wellington Home Alone label with Brooke from French for Rabbits and Lake from Lake South/Urbantramper.

Timothy Blackman – Alive and Kicking – NZ Musician, 2010 (Vol:15, No:8)

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Grant Smithies reviews Modern Sprawl.

‘When You Find That Love’ from the This Country EP…

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