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Cover imageSince emerging in 2008, Wellington band Terror of the Deep have built up a solid reputation for their excellent live show and engaging ‘electric folk music’ and we thought it was high time we got the band on record about their origins, latest release and international recognition… The band initially started in 2008 when Oliver Dixon (guitars/vocals) started playing songs with his then next-door neighbour Mason James (guitars/vocals) and a drum machine, which progressed onwards and upwards into what they are today, with Taipua Adams (bass/vocals) joining the band in 2009, William Daymond joining in early 2010, and late last year Tom Watson joined on keyboards.

Is there a story behind the name?

From what I’m aware of it’s loosely based on the title of the 1995 computer game XCOM: Terror from the Deep. It sometimes backfires as I have encountered a few people who had assumed that we are a metal band because of the name.

For people who haven’t heard you, how would you describe your sound?

We were asked this exact same question when we were interviewed on National Radio a few weeks back and Oliver replied with the term “Electric Folk Music”, which I think sums up our sound almost perfectly. Lyrically our songs do tend to tell stories rather than being deliberately abstract or obtuse and musically we are generally based around traditional song structure, as opposed to sonic noise landscapes or fresh funky beats.

If you had to name a few main influences, what would you say?

I’d say that our primary influence is the craft of a well-written song, irrespective of any musical genre or specific bands. In terms of lyrical subject matter, many of our songs deal with taking a bad situation and turning it around into something positive.

RNZ interview with drummer William Daymond about making a 1970s-inspired prog rock concept album..

Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Undertheradar. Used with permission.
Interview courtesy of RNZ.
Photo courtesy of William Daymond.

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