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Pervertor was formed in the year of the pervert 2001 under the monicker ‘Cereberus’ whilst members previous band Christian Combustion was still an active force. The lineup consisted of Carnage on guitar/bass, Necroar vokills and Aaron Clitmaco on the drums (the latter completely lost the plot and went Hari Krishna). 4 rehearsal tracks were recorded, 2 of which are still currently in the setlist. Parts of the other 2 were butchered accordingly to make way for new material.

There was years of inactivity but after vocalist Necroar returned from a 2 year stint in the UK in 2008 things kicked off again with the addition of Shaun on guitar and Rots on drums. Our first live venue assault was in January 2009 (asides from the venue gigs there was a number of party gigs we played also). After nearly a year of hiatus due to members being abroad in Europe the band officially started rehearsing as an entire entity in November 2011. Pervertor played Rites of Abomination fest in February in Auckland alongside Impetuous Ritual, Grave Upheaval, Diocletian, Witchrist, Corpse Feast, Sabbatic Goat & Blood of the Moon.

Perversion awaits!!

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