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The son of Maori psychedelic rock legend Billy TK, over the last few years, Mara TK, has, through his work alongside acclaimed Kiwi future soul trio ‘Electric Wire Hustle’ and a bevy of globally towering musical talents, proven himself to be a singular force for modern music.

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NZ Live – Mara TK and Billy

Fluent in voice, guitar, bass and beat machines, outside of his aforementioned band, Mara TK has been blessed to both work in the studio with and perform next to ‘Eru Dangerpsiel’, ‘Wild Bill Ricketts’, ‘Ommas Keith’, ‘Muhsinah’, ‘Jake One’, Julien Dyne and others, in the process forging an artistically idiosyncratic (and highly in-demand) reputation within the worlds of future soul and modern beats.

Hollie Smith talks to RNZ about collaborating with Mara TK on her third album ‘Band of Brothers Volume 1’…

Signed to BBE records as part of ‘Electric Wire Hustle’ and a previous Red Bull Music Academy Alumni, it would be easy to artistically paint Mara TK into a Future Soul and Modern Beats shaped pigeonhole. However, as his stellar psychedelic folk performances at the 2009 edition of ‘Fly My Pretties’ tellingly revealed, artistically speaking, Mara TK is so much more.

As a continuation of this urge, working alongside his father and a band he has dubbed ‘Data Hui’, Mara TK explores an ultramodern blues, country and folk referencing cosmic soundworld which found expression on their debut group album ‘Taniwhunk’. Driven by an investigation of the theme of “Maoris in space,” ‘Taniwhunk’ is a sci-fi re-appropriation of the navigation techniques of the first Maori settlers of Aotearoa, as re-imagined through a bilingually futurist space exploration lens.

From RNZ’s ‘Te Ahi Kaa, 2008
Mara TK lived one of his fantasies when he recorded with Om’Mas Keith at the Red Bull Academy in 2007.

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Mara TK previews his performance of The Collective Prophet at City Gallery Wellington…

Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

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