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k2k AKA Katherine Anderson, is an emerging Wellington based producer and a graduate from the Red Bull Music Academy.  Along with creating funky house music, she co-produces the NZ dance broadcast ‘Scenery: New Zealand’ and throws parties with the Auckland collective, Inky Waves. Her music has pop and house influences, and includes samples of old RnB acapellas.

Her debut EP “Sugar” will be out January 2017 on the Wellington house & techno label, Margins. The first track “We Down For,” is below.

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  • View on NZ On Screen Newsnight - The Exponents

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: News/Current Affairs ; Television

    "In this excerpt from TV2's 90s late night news show, a bemused Mark Staufer interviews Jordan Luck (aka "slightly tipsy singer") as his band The Exponents plays on a rooftop on Auckland's Karangahape Road, to promote a new album and summer tour. The jokes about not falling off may have a point. Luck suggests the new release is "a magical recording of ancient times" and confirms that they will be touring the whole country, "and Greymouth as well ... and Westport". The bakery underneath is long gone — replaced by an adult shop. Bassist David Gent also says some words." (NZ On Screen summary)


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