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NZMM: Favourite Wellington Music Moment – k2k

For NZ Music Month the last couple of years, we asked bands/artists for a favourite memory of making music in Wellington.

It could involve a favourite gig, a funny story from the recording studio, a moment that led to the inspiration for a song, the fond recollection of a defunct venue, or the piece of music or lyric that they were most proud of creating.

We really enjoyed the stories people told us, so we are doing it again this year.

Next up is DJ and producer Katherine Anderson, who is better known as k2k. Katherine started playing around with Ableton Live to make tracks while living in Montreal. In 2015 she was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy, and taught herself to DJ in order to play a live show as part of that course. Following a string of releases on Soundcloud, she released her debut EP Sugar through local label MARGINS in 2017. Now based in Auckland she working on new material, running a Club Night called Night Pottery with Hugo Jay and DJ Kush Boogie (Inky Waves), and playing at Festivals such as Rhythm and Vines & Splore.

My favourite memory is from one of the first parties I ever threw – it was with Inky Waves at Garrett St in 2016. The party was on Easter so all the bars were closed. Our party packed out early – I think we got around 350 people cramped into this DIY space. We had amazing projections, smoke machines and a stacked lineup. I remember seeing Amy Jean for the first time and being super impressed by her ability to chill the music out while keeping the intensity just as high. I was so stoked that we’d thrown a really fun + packed party, and also really inspired that there was such energy in the local scene for those type of events. It renewed my faith in the NZ scene after being overseas for so long!

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