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Dave Murphy is a finger-style, blues picking guitar legend and one of New Zealand’s best interpreters of the blues, and is well known as a key member of the ‘Red Dog Saloon’ Band, that was one of the hottest live performance bands around.

In the 1980s Dave travelled through the Unites States meeting musicians and learning blues tunes from the originals like Eugene Powell and Sonny Boy Nelson. This experience gave Dave an insight into music that has kept him in touch with the heart and soul of the blues ever since.

“Dave Murphy has to be NZ’s finest acoustic blues guitarist, with an earthy voice and a real feel for pre-war styles”.
– Mike Garner, Blues News

According to music critic Nick Bollinger “Dave is an icon in the New Zealand music scene” yet in his 35 years of performing he has never recorded an album. That is, until 2008, when some of his friends decided to change that.

Producer Carol Bean arranged for Dave to visit Robbie Duncan’s Braeburn Recording Studio in Wellington to record some of his favourite tunes. By the end of the day Dave and Robbie had laid down a dozen tracks. Film maker Costa Botes, along with Carol Bean and Barry Carter, captured the session. Later, Costa interviewed Dave at the Botanical Gardens where he works as a gardener. In brief vignettes between songs, Dave shares his insights on music and the ups and downs in his life. The end result is a CD/DVD that showcases a vivid and unforgettable performance from a man who has blues music deep down in his bones.

Dave Murphy: Yes That’s Me – Elsewhere review

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