LinkedIn changes coming to

We would like to alert you to an important change to terms and conditions which are planned to occur on 3rd October. These are happening as a result of being bought by LinkedIn. They will now be known as LinkedIn Learning. 

The changes to their terms and conditions are that users will be required to create a LinkedIn personal profile before being able to use the service. Part of the new conditions is that users agree that LinkedIn may share the information contained in their profile. Current users of will be prompted to ‘upgrade your account’ by creating or adding your existing LinkedIn account.

We recognise that is a very popular resource and therefore we want to keep offering this service to you. But we wanted to alert you to this change in conditions. If you are concerned about this sharing of your personal profile on with LinkedIn, we suggest that you
– create a new LinkedIn account with an alternative email address. If you need to create a new email address there are many free options such as, or
– share as much or as little information as you are comfortable with to LinkedIn Learning (there are some advantages to sharing some details)
– set the account to private
– do not use any short-cut methods to login to LinkedIn, such as linking via your other social media platforms.

There are many advantages of this new integration within LinkedIn Learning. You’ll see there are more courses on offer – over 14,000 – and they will now be available in seven languages. Also, if you choose to share more information in your personal profile, when you login to your LinkedIn account you’ll see course suggestions tailored to your skills in your news feed.

If you have any questions about this change, please let us know.