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Jonathan Swift was born at No. 7, Hoey’s Court, Dublin, seven months after his father’s untimely death. Most of the facts of Swift’s early life are obscure, confused and sometimes contradictory. There is a great mystery and controversy over Swift’s relationship with Esther Johnson nicknamed “Stella”. Many hold that they were secretly married in 1716. This however, is not his Bio. It is the Bio of Vorn.

Vorn was born at Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, in 1977, nine months after his father won big on the Melbourne Cup. Most of the facts of his life to date are obscure, confused, and unremittingly dull. He has recorded and produced four albums.

Normal the Normal Normal (1999)
“… a great grinding grandpappy of an album it is too. . . returns self-indulgence to its rightful place at the top of the desirable qualities list”.
-Chris Knox

Not Quite As Good (2001)
“Vorn has made a mountain out of his molehill …despite the flakey quality, beautiful passages, poignant lyrics and layered detail emerge miraculously through the gloop.”
-New Zealand Musician Magazine

Thunk! (2006)
“…truly deserves the title of genius . . . if you like alt-pop, your mission for this year is to find this album and fall in love – ***** ”
– Lyndon Walker, Rip it Up Magazine

Vorn and the (2008)
“… somewhere between The Beatles’ Abbey Rd album and a soundtrack from a David Lynch film… If you’re looking for a fresh pop album that scoops up every musical genre you can think of and sprinkles them across 14 tracks this one would be worth a look.”
– Jim MacLane, Pulp Magazine

Vorn’s Modern Classics (2009)
“The title Vorn’s Modern Classics has all of the self-deprecating irony that you’ll find in this record; and yet, like his songs, there’s a lot of truth in it too. By my reckoning, Vorn has made a modern New Zealand Classic, whether he meant to or not.”

Vorn currently abides in Wellington, with his collection of instruments and some rather iffy recording gear. He is an Aries, and thinks High Voltage was easily AC/DC’s best album, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

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