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Interviews: Christopher Hill – Classical Guitarist

Christopher Hill has been living in Wellington for the past 17 years in which time he has established himself as one of New Zealand’s eminent classical guitarists. Christopher also plays flamenco guitar and performs around Wellington in his latin jazz guitar trio “The Little Tortilla Boys”.


How long have you been involved with the Wellington music community?
I’ve been involved in the Wellington music community since I got to Wellington in 1998 to study classical guitar at Victoria University. I grew up in Hawkes Bay where I studied classical guitar privately and completed my Trinity College exams. I also played in jazz bands and big bands in Hawkes Bay.

What were the first music projects you were involved in in Wellington?
I wrote and performed music in theatre productions for the Wellington Fringe Festival. When I was at uni I played chamber music gigs in a guitar and flute duo.

What are some of the music projects you are involved in now?
I’m a member of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet of which I am a founding member. I perform with the Owen Moriaty in the Wellington Guitar Duo and I also perform solo.

What were some of the more challenging aspects of performing with the NZSO?
The most challenging aspect was the conductors style and my lack of experience following a conductor. Also the pressure of a big production was a challenge.

Have you got any gigs coming up?
I am going on tour throughout NZ with NZGQ through Chamber Music NZ for two weeks (6 Sep 2015 to 14 Sep 2015). In October I have a solo gig at Thrive in Martinborough where I will play a selection of music including works by Wellington composer Mike Hogan from our ‘Dark to Light’ album.

Cover image

‘Dark to Light’ features the Solo Classical Guitar compositions of Mike Hogan, performed by Christopher Hill. All of the tracks on this album were recorded mixed and mastered by Lee Prebble at The Surgery Studio, Wellington NZ, between September 2013 and June 2014. Christopher played a Simon Marty Classical Guitar.

RNZ’s Gunter Herbig preview’s ‘Dark to Light’…

Cover of ‘Dark to Light’ sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.
Photo of Christopher Hill used with permission.

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